Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #23: Graveyard Fun

Our first stop after arriving in England was on the southern coast, visiting Pete's sister Janice and her husband Ian. They live on the Isle of Portland, lucky dogs, and they run a caravan park. The fact that there is a store, a pool table and arcade games was overshadowed in the kids' minds by the fact that there was a real pirate's graveyard practically right next door. "Real, live dead people," in Youngest's mind, trumps everything else.

A public footpath between a real castle and the remnants of an old one leads into the graveyard and the cove. We happened upon a local who told us of a secret chamber and who pointed out Saxon graves as well. Dead people. Secret chambers. Big rocks. What's not to like? We were in Portland for five days, and we went to the graveyard everyday because, you know, it's dead people, folks!

These pictures are of, duh, a grave, the remnants of Rufus Castle and the cove. Oddly enough, they light up Rufus Castle at night. And I mean "oddly enough" because it's not just a spotlight; it's like a light show with various colors throughout the night. Must be trying to keep someone out, I guess.

I See Dead People
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