Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Ask

Talk about an easy prompt to ramble on about! Sunday Scribblings' prompt is a breeze. So many thoughts come to mind.

I have three kids under the age of 12. I am asked inane and simplistic questions all day long. "Can I go swimming?" "Will you make Daughter play with me?" "Can I have a [jelly sandwich/some Goldfish/some grapes/something from the stash/a yogurt/cereal]? Can I go to [Julian's/Mason's/Elena's/Patrick's]? Can [Jay/Patrick/Mason] sleepover? Can we sleep in the trailer tonight? What are you watching? Will you tuck me in? Why is the moon out in the daytime? What is Corrie eating?

And they also ask their share of dire questions. Who should I wake up if I have a nightmare? Have you ever been divorced? Why did Zoe have to move? Am I going to die (because of a bloody nose or something else innocuous)?

On and on and on, day in and day out. It is never ending. Sitting here, typing this as I make the original Macaroni & Cheese for the two boys' Saturday night dinner, I smile at the questions they ask. In the moment, though, I'm not necessarily so patient.

Along the vein of their often-difficult questions, I've got plenty of those of my own.

Why do the parents of a friend of my eldest son park the kid in day care after school, even when the mother is no longer working and hasn't worked for more than 18 months? What is it about the boy, or, more likely, about the parents that drives them to do this?

What makes a 40-year-old man decide his life is not what he wanted? His wife, his 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son are unable to give him whatever it is he desires or needs. What is it they can't provide him? What's inside him to just enable him to walk away with such ease?

What compels me to read the horror stories going on in the world, in the country, in my own town? Try as I might to avoid the devastating headlines and not click through, there I am, reading about the latest massacre or child abuse or what-have-you.

What are so many people lacking in their own lives that causes them to follow the goings-on of celebrities?

Why, nearing 50, am I still with so little gray hair but three cervical disks are deteriorating at such a frightening pace?

Why do the parents of my daughter's friend invite her for a sleepover and, when we appear to drop her off, the husband is so drunk he can barely stand?

Why ask questions to which there are no answers?


DJPare said...

All good questions!

Can I have some of that mac & cheese?

Jen B said...

oh my word! Those questions make me want to ask you questions!
What kind of kid asks 'will you make your daughter play with me?'
what did you for that sleepover? how'd you handle it finding out he was drunk?
the 'am i going to die' one happens here too...LOL
you certainly did well this!
ouch on the cervical disks!

Sherri B. said...

Wow, those are some potent questions that hit me in the gut. But I love the ones your kids ask...such innocence and they make me smile. So sorry about your disk problem...that sounds painful!

Devil Mood said...

I was laughing at your kids questions but then I started reading yours and became preoccupied. Welose our innocence along the way.
It seems that many of those issues have to do with people wanting an easy way out of life's difficulties, they aren't ready to deal with them and they expect to find a celeb-easy life that will make it all better. And obviously that's an illusion. Or a dellusion.

Lucy said...

this was very enjoyable. I, too would like to know how you handled the drunk dad situation.
I know you didn't let her stay!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

My son has not yet mastered the WHY word at age 2. I'm sensing, after reading this, this may be a good thing? :)

The disk problem? Egads, that sounds downright awful.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

Thank you for coming to my blog~ its nice to know I'M not the only one who over- analyzes and/or askes so many
your blog looks great! I'll be coming back often!
be well


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