Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #71

1. Overheard from the backseat: "I'm going to put C-4 down your pants," Eldest's friend says to Youngest. "I'm going to put 96 down your pants!" Youngest retorts.

2. "Mom, there's a parking place right by Noah's," Youngest points out. "That's for disabled people. See the blue wheelchair on the ground? Besides, a little walk never hurt anyone," I say. "Unless you're in a wheelchair," he responds.

3. I like working at the computer at night, not turning on any lights, but I hate when bugs start flicking across my screen, drawn by the light.

4. And, no, I don't mean my children. The bugs to which I refer are much tinier. Another difference? I can slap them.

5. I hope you're not offended by me being a bug killer. Is now the time to own up to being a meat eater as well?

6. On another subject, I've not been watching the Olympics. It's something I do every two years: not watch the Olympics. I realize that makes me anti-American, or so some people seem to think.

7. I read about the results. I know who some of the big players are. I know what some of the major controversies are. What I don't know is what one dive looks like seen in slo-mo a half-dozen times while a commentator rambles on and on and on. And on.

8. Lori and her boys were visiting the past two days, and the oldest one is a major Olympics watcher. I don't think he was particularly pleased with my disdain the one night I tried to watch with him. The next night and during the day, he watched by himself on the little TV in the playroom.

9. I particularly hate how I had to sit through inane features produced by NBC. Oh, look, here's one of our broadcasters walking through a market, making faces at the fare for sale.

10. I feel like one of the ugly Americans when I see things like that. It seems so, I don't know,
jingoistic of us. I am not anti-America. Not by any means. But I am anti-arrogance.


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