Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #72

1. How about this for a bizarre keyword search: "My husband watches Olympics all day long and doesn't talk to me"?

2. Not an issue in this non-Olympics-watching household. Although if we're talking futbol, yeah, I can dig that. [Kidding, Petey, kidding.]

3. Overheard while Youngest is telling Pete the names of the recent presidents, "It's George W. Bush and George Herbert W. Bush," Youngest says. "Heh-heh," Pete laughs. "Herbert!" Sticking my nose in, I ask what's so funny. Pete points out that a silly person in England is called a "Herbert." Heh-heh.

4. For the record, that 6-year-old boy of mine doesn't know the names of all the presidents. We have a ruler that lists them all. So, not so impressive that he can name them. We do find it impressive that he can read their names, though.

5. We keep telling him that he's way ahead of the other newbie first graders. Anything to boost the kid's confidence so he doesn't vomit his way to school the first week or so.

6. And he didn't. Vomit his way to school, that is. Nor did he cry. In fact, thanks to the wonderful powers-that-be who put his two bestest friends in the same class with him, he's happy as can be. Thank you, God, and the local powers-that-be.

7. A couple of notes from our summer vacation. When my mom was telling the kids about the time our childhood dog, Penny, bit our Uncle Jack in a misguided attempt to "protect" my brothers from him, Youngest pipes up with, "Did she bite his hand off?"

8. No, she didn't. Given that the man was -- and still is -- quite the drunk, perhaps he'd have been better off if she'd curbed his ability to knock a few back.

9. On another vacation note, it was heartening to discover that the morons in England block the sidewalks as much as those back home. Made me almost homesick, really.

10. And you know a kid has outgrown the tot areas of museums when he walks into one and says, "What the hell?"


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