Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #73

1. This has got to be one of my all-time favorite comments anyone has left on this blog: "Holy smoke! This was a fast and furious read that I devoured easily, almost giddily, and with not one single chance of puking, even over the mom content. To me this translates to 'expert writer.' I flat-out love your style. And I hope to return to devour more going forward."

2. That was a compliment, yes?

3. I'm taking it as such.

4. With the kids camping out in the living room, enjoying one aspect of Pete being out of town, I've had to hang out on the computer in the dark, so the light wouldn't keep them awake. So these little freakin' bugs keep coming to my screen, driving me batty.

5. Hey, bats would take care of them, wouldn't they? Or do you think that might be over the top?

6. I ask Youngest a purely rhetorical question, although it's not really meant to be rhetorical. "Why are you always mean to Daughter?" "And never mean to Eldest," Daughter pipes in. "I'm mean to Eldest," Youngest says.

7. Yeah, wear that mean streak as a badge of honor

8. On another subject, yes, it's true. I did want a woman. But unlike a guy at closing time at the bar, not just any woman would do.

9. Quite frankly, I'd have been more inclined to vote the McCain ticket if he had, indeed, picked Tina Fey.

10. How many more days until the election?

1 comment:

D... said...

He most definitely should have picked Tina Fey.

I think we have bats. Outside not inside. I always hear this squeeking noise coming from outside late at night. If it is a bat, he's not doing a good job. We still have mosquitos galore & other little flying bugs.

For sure a compliment.


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