Friday, August 1, 2008

What? Are You Still Here?

"I wish we didn't have to be picked up at 10 o'clock. I wish we could stay until 11 or 12," so sayeth one party-goer to another at 6:30 this morning.

I was feigning sleep, listening to several of the early-riser slumber party guests. Welcome to the seemingly never-ending party for Daughter. Blessed -- or cursed, depending on who's telling the story -- by a birthday in the middle of summer, Daughter had to be content with her 10th birthday party being a smallish affair: four girls and two boys. They started arriving a bit before 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and they won't be gone until later this morning.

In the meantime, it was swimming, trampoline jumping, treehouse playing, pizza eating, cake eating, present unwrapping, The Simpsons Movie watching, popcorn eating, DS-playing, giggling, Webkinz playing, pop-up camper trailer sleeping, bagel eating, more trampoline jumping, more treehouse playing, and more swimming. And under my breath, more and more frequently, pleas for the party to be over. "Let it end, let it end, let it end," is my mantra.

I'm too freakin' old to have a 10-year-old daughter with endless energy and a supply of similarly endowed friends. Oh, what I'd give for a friendless child right about now.


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