Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #26: First Days

...of middle school.
Eldest Goes to School
...of fifth grade.
Daughter Goes to School, With Skunk on Head
...of first grade.
Youngest Goes to School

Big steps for all of them.

Eldest was nervous, but he was filled with major anticipation. He scored when his best friend was assigned to the same homeroom. Given that they're both in the GATE program, it means they're assured a minimum of three of seven classes together. Whew! Of course, I don't think he realizes how much more work he'll be doing because he's in GATE, but why ruin the excitement with a tinge of reality, right?

Daughter was sad that her closest friends are in another class. But she got the most nurturing of the fifth grade teachers, and that's what she needs most in life. And she's stoked that she's "queen of the school" since she's now a fifth grader.

No puke from Youngest means he's off to a good start. His two best, best, best friends from kindergarten are in his class. [Thanks to a very understanding principal and a relentless and vindictive mother. "Vindictive" as in, "Oh, sorry, I can't help this year" if I don't get my way. Yeah, I know, I'm a bitch. Sue me.] The principal did a drive-by of the class after about 30 minutes, and she reported back to me that the lad is doing grand.

Well, they're back in school. Now what am I going to do?


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