Monday, September 15, 2008

Creativity Borrowed

I am fond of saying that I have no creative bone in my body. When I ran the marketing department at the San Francisco Chronicle, I would always send clients directly to the designers and copywriters because...I have no creative bone in my body. When people at the school ask me to help with posters and the like, I turn them down guilt-free because...I have no creative bone in my body. When my children ask me to make a craft -- knit a purse or paint a ceramic knick-knack -- I tell them...I have no creative bone in my body, then I send them to their dad.

Thankfully, I have both virtual and real friends who are quite the creative types. The banner on my page was done by a close friend of mine. It's been there awhile, and I'm about to hit her up for a couple of new designs. I'm sure they will be fabulous.

One of my all-time best friends is an artist. She even has her own studio. She sells her work and even enters it into competitions. And wins! My birthday was last month, and she gave me this, one of her latest ventures. My photo does it no justice -- after all, I've not a creative bone in my body -- but I figured seeing something was better than me just describing it.

Lori's Gift to Me

Pretty cool, eh? It's a shadow box, and it's made entirely of recycled materials, odds and ends she finds in her garage sale and flea market travels. Some of it she pays close to nothing for. Some of it she gets for free. All of it is junk in the minds of the previous owner. In her mind, it has value.

With the addition of the shadow box, I now have three keepsakes from her. [Sorry, Lori, but I'm not counting the coat hooks you did for the kids long ago. Not that they weren't wonderful, but they're not, you know, keepsakes. Oh, all right, I'll count them.] So I now have five keepsakes from her. One is a fabulous quilt fashioned like a Scrabble board. It includes words of meaning to us. And the Scrabble board itself is of special meaning as I nearly always kick her butt when playing.

So, that's my real friend. But I also have a virtual friend who surprised me -- with absolute delight, I might add -- with a package I received Saturday. Jenica made and sent me four fabulous fall cards. They are simply divine, and my initial thought was to never use them. But I've re-thought that and I am going to send them to people, but I'm going to pass them off as my own designs! Heh heh heh. [Oh, shit, most of the people to whom I'd send such a note read this blog. Damn. Guess they'll know I didn't make them.]

Darling Jenica's Work
I may not have a creative bone in my body, but I sure know how to find the people who have creativity deep in their bones and hearts and minds. That'll do for me.


D... said...

We should form a club. I, too, do not have a creative bone in my body nor my head. I'm a borrower of ideas and, yet, I still can't really pull it off. Sigh.

Those are some lovely gifts you have received! The Scrabble quilt is my favorite. A very thoughtful gift!

Anonymous said...

Other peoples' creativity always amazes me. It's nice to be surrounded by creative friends!!

Lori the eco-artist said...

Wow. That was quite the blog. Thanks for the kind words. And for posting a photo of the assemblage! I think creativity can be defined in different ways. You are incredibly creative with your writing. Gifted, in fact. You HAVE to write. I HAVE to create. Same thing. Different expression.

jenica said...

yup. you're freaking creative. your writing and humor are testiment to that. i'm so glad you liked the cards though!



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