Sunday, September 7, 2008

Errant Running

I know what to do this weekend! Let's run an errand! It's not such a big deal. You know, let's drive about 150 miles or so to deliver something to a friend. We'll stay overnight, having driven more than one hour per kid in oftentimes horrid Saturday traffic to deliver said package. Then we'll get up early, head up to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, wander around for at least one hour per kid, play in the beach and get horribly sandy, and then head home again. Just in time to welcome the couple of long-time friends of Pete's for a quick bite.

Whew! But on the upside, I got to see this from my friend's house.
Now That's a View to a Kill
And Youngest was so worn out that he slept through the entire showing of "Flushed Away" on the way home, enabling the other two to enjoy the movie in peace and the two of us up front to actually talk. Yeah, talk.
Santa Snoozin'
Okay, I've had way worse weekends than this one.


cjm said...

The view is fantastastic. Sigh... I also like how you define time with hours/kid.

CP said...

Wow! Next step- I get to come spend some of my weekends with your family, doing things like this. What a (busy but) wonderful weekend!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

What a beautiful view! I'm jealous!

D... said...

Ahhh, bliss. That does sound like a wonderful weekend. Wish mine could compare. ;)


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