Friday, September 5, 2008

Put My Foot in It

When I was a teenager, my standard outfit was jeans and a T-shirt. In particular, I always wore Levi's jeans. And I mean always. My sister is an entire one inch shorter than I am and more than 3.25 years older than me. I might have mentioned before that the only area she is lacking in when pitted against me is height. On all other criteria, she wins.

So, yeah, I loved jeans. I wore them all the time. My jeans. My sister also wore jeans a lot, although not as often as I did. My jeans would get all nicely worn in. Hers, not so much. Until she started taking to taking my jeans. Oh, she never stole them outright. No, she was too smart for that. She would always replace them with brand new jeans. And she'd always do it just as she was departing for an extended period of time, like back to Hawaii to finish high school. Or off to college. Or Australia for a year. Or law school.

New jeans suck. Sorry, they do. Or at least they did way back when, before consumers started paying an arm and a leg for faded jeans or stone-washed jeans or holey jeans. [Not "holy" in the sense that we wouldn't be surprised to see a saint wearing them.]

But the scales have tipped a bit in my direction in the past few years. She'll come for a visit and leave me behind something like a spankin' pair of Reefs. Although her feet are a tad smaller than mine -- hey, another area I beat her on -- when you're talking Reefs, a half-size difference really makes no difference.

And then there was the time she left a pair of Adidas pants. We both consider them sleep pants, but I'm sure it's highly unlikely Adidas markets them as such. On the other hand, you never can tell because it's not like people can be working out 24 hours a day. Maybe they do market the pants as such. Someone should look that up.

So, yeah, I've got the Reefs. I've got the Adidas. I've even got some Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner she left behind. [Not a fan, so they wait there, hoping I'll remember to put them in the shower she uses before she leaves yet again.]

Chump change, really, what she's left behind. Until, that is, this weekend, when she left behind a very chic pair of San Miguel Medina sandals. You know, San Miguel? The expensive stuff? [Yeah, I didn't know either until I looked on Outersoul's website and saw that they're available for just $52.76, which is 20% full retail price.]

Right now, you're thinking one of two things. One, that I really have no sense of what expensive is. [You're right. I mostly shop Target for my apparel needs: footwear, Mom jeans, etc.] Or, two, that I just lucked out.

Almost. Take a look at my feet in the Reefs:
If Only She'd Left the Bottle-opener Ones
Now, take a look at my feet in the San Miguel's:
So Damn Close!
Yup, the suckers are too small to make a go of it. Guess I'll be going to the Post Office tomorrow to send them back to her. Or maybe I'll hold them hostage for a pair of old jeans.

P.S. Yeah, those are the Adidas sleep pants on in both shots. Good eye!


cjm said...

Too funny. See ya at Target. :o)

Lori the eco-artist said...

So, what size are they again? I wear 6 or 6.5...send 'em on down. I promise to give them back before her next visit...

jenica said...

haha. i just picked up some mom's jeans at walmart thank you very much. ;-D

D... said...

Definitely hold out for the jeans! I'm a jeans, tee, & Target girl myself.

And, if the shoes are too small for Jerseygirl, I can wear anything between 6 - 7. ;)

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

Yep - hold out for the jeans. Other than pajamas, jeans are my favorite clothing item. Especially Levi's. I'm a jeans and T-shirt girl, too. And a Target girl! Love my Tarjay!


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