Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #76

1. So, my notebook is filled with pithy observations. Time to get a new one. But first, I'm going to make sure I've not missed any gems along the way. For example, we waited an excruciatingly long time for the canal pilot to come one day while waiting to take a tour of the canals in Manchester. They folks said he'd "had a flat tire." Upon his ultimate arrival, it occurred to me to wonder if, in fact, the flat tire excuse was a euphemism for "sleeping off a bender."

2. No, the canal boat didn't crash. Thanks for worrying.

3. While on the canal boat, one woman looked at me trying to cope with demon spawn and said, "You've got your hands full with that one. You should call him '777.'"

4. I didn't tell her she was 111 numbers off. I figured she wouldn't be able to do the math in her head.

5. Am I the only one who refuses to pay 20p for the opportunity to use the toilet in the amusement center when you can just crawl under the gate blocking the door.

6. Not that long ago, Youngest said to me, "You have kind of a big nose. I'm not being mean. I'm just saying that." Long pause. "Ringo has a big nose."

7. Does that mean I could be a drummer and marry a supermodel?

8. Daughter, borrowing my camera to make a movie, notes, "I'm making the movie so I think I'm going to be the star. You can be the star of your own movies."

9. And did I ever mention that Pete's sister carries her own personal air freshener in her purse? I was quite surprised. But also kind of jealous, really.

10. That's it. The notebook has run its course. A new one is already in use. Thank you, blue notebook, for all you did for me. Being able to write egregious activities and snarky thoughts down at all time is kind of like having my own personal air freshener.


D... said...

You can be whatever you set your mind to be! Never forget that! :)

Anonymous said...

Ringo does have a big nose. That's funny.


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