Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo! I've Been Ghosted.

No pun intended, but here's the scoop on the puking pumpkin. [Get it? "Scoop" and "puking pumpkin"? See? You scoop out the guts...never mind.]

Liz over at This Full House created a meme a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if she does it every year, but she's done it this year. And I was ghosted by Maureen at Wisconsin Mommy.

Easy-as-pumpkin-pie rules:

1. It's your turn to "ghost" three other bloggers.

2. Stop by their blogs and leave a comment on their latest post saying, "You've Just Been Ghosted -- Come Over and Grab A Puking Pumpkin!"

3. Copy and paste the puking pumpkin somewhere on your blog (either in a post or on your sidebar, perhaps) so that everyone can see that you have been "ghosted" and will NOT "ghost" you again. This will also let you know who you can "ghost."

4. Feel free to link to this post (or a post of your own) for directions, grab the puking pumpkin and go "ghost" 3 bloggers on your sidebar (preferably, somewhere you haven't commented in a while, or a blog you've NEVER commented on before and/or new to the blogosphere) and don't be afraid to share some linky love.

Liz said, "It will be fun to see how many 'puking pumpkins' appear in the blogosphere by Halloween!" I happen to agree, although it does go against my typical reaction of doing a meme and not tagging anyone else. Hell, it's Halloween. Anything can happen.

So, Maria at Just Eat Your Cupcake, get out of your sick bed and do this; "Riley" at All Rileyed Up, quit counting your giveaway comments and get this done; and Gina at Just Another Day, come on down!


Momisodes said...

ROFL! That photo is hilarious :)

Maggie May said...


Gina said...

Oh crap, I'm too late! That is a very cool pic, too!

Anonymous said...

Ain't pukin' pumpkins fun!?!?


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