Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Playground of Politics

Daughter decided to run for president of her school's Student Council. I popped in to hear her speech, and I was, as I typically am in situations such as this, moved to tears. Where did she get her fearlessness? Where did she get that drive? I dunno. I just hope it's something she has within her for the rest of her life.

Nine other fifth graders are running for president. She's friendly with all of them. [Hell, she's friendly with just about everyone in her school, except that over-friendly boy in Youngest's grade who tried to hold her hand last year.] One of the girls running is one of her better friends. They share many friends, including the boy friend -- note the two words -- who is one of Daughter's two closest friends around these here parts. [Her bestest friend in the whole wide world forever and ever and ever now lives in New Zealand.]

Back to those two closest friends around these here parts. The boy voted for Daughter, even though he's very friendly with their shared friend who was also running. How about the other one of Daughter's closest friends? Nope. She didn't vote for Daughter. And she told others she wasn't voting for Daughter, saying, "I don't think Daughter is ready for the job."

I'm stunned. I'm trying to not be stunned because, come on, she's 10. She's a child. A child who considers herself one of my Daughter's best friend. A child who vies for my Daughter's attention. A child who ostensibly thinks the world of my Daughter.

A child who has hurt my Daughter, not secretly in the ballot box, but aloud to others. My fearless Daughter is surprised, but quite Zen about it. It is what it is. [If that's not Zen, damn, it should be.]

I was going to just go on and on here about me, me, me and how I, I, I feel, feel, feel. [Vigorous shaking of self.] Let me, instead, post Daughter's speech:

Hello students, teachers and the little dust bunnies who live in the multi-purpose room. My name is DAUGHTER, and I am running for the biggest job of all: President. Many of you have known me ever since kindergarten. I have always taken part in many of the activities SCHOOL has to offer. If I am elected president, I will do even more.

I will represent you, the student body, in the best possible way. I will work for you, with all my might. I will make sure you are proud to have voted for me. I will dress up for every spirit day. I will try to make very fun spirit days.

I hope you will want me for President, but if I don’t win, that is also okay. This will be a great year.

Remember: Friendly + honest + smart = DAUGHTER. So please, join with the many dust bunnies in voting for me for President.

The advisor had her cut out "...but if I don't win, that is also okay." You know, what, though? She really thinks that. And she's really okay with hearing that her friend didn't vote for her.

Her mom clearly isn't ready for politics, or to be president of the fifth grade, but Daughter sure as shit is.


Mel said...

I would vote for her. What a tremendous speech! That is a smart and wise little girl you've got there.

Joanne said...

That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That's some great kiddo you have there -- remember this speech the next time you have a "I'm such a bad mother" moment.

Tara R. said...

What an awesome speech. I'd vote for her too.

Anonymous said...

What do you have to be "ready" for as President of Fifth Grade?

D... said...

Your daughter is amazing. That is a great speech. My son is planning on running for his 5th grade student council as vice-president. I promise I won't have him use her perfect speech!

As for the friend? That stinks. Girls can be so cruel. Your daughter has the right frame of mind. It's always harder on the mothers. My daughter is always quite zen while I'm the one thinking the sky is falling. I want to be her when I grow up.

Lori the eco-artist said...

Wow. And, this is one of YOUR children? See, they turn out ok in SPITE of us being their parents.
Just kidding, you're an awesome mom, and this is proof of that!

Maria said...

Tell her to keep on going....right into big time politics when she is older because, clearly, the presidential and vice presidential candidates this year could take a lesson from her.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

She's got my vote! Sure as shit!

I hate mean girls.


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