Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #78

I finished my Wonderings this week early, before the events described in the post I put up this morning. I can't let a Saturday go by, though, without one of these.

1. Reading my Sunday Scribblings offering, Pete noted that it was just a matter of time before I'd be writing my own obituary.

2. Isn't that what I'm doing with this blog?

3. Who gives a shit about the run for the White House? This week, I was only interested in the goings-on in elementary school politics.

4. Daughter didn't win for president at her elementary school. She was disappointed, but she told me "Maybe I'll win in middle school."

5. You can't hold a good girl down.

6. I suspect the voting by gender had a lot to do with the ultimate winner. Seven girls and three boys ran for president. Few boys I've known are willing to cross the great gender barrier. And even if the girls did the same thing, voting along gender line, they'd still be divvying up their votes among seven. So it's no surprise -- to me, at least -- that a boy won.

7. And, no, I'm not just making excuses. Thanks for thinking that.

8. And, yes, I am happy women grow out of it. And, this year at least, I'm happy men don't seem to.

9. Yeah, yeah, I'm a sexist, defensive, stereotyping person...and a registered Democrat, to boot.

10. So why are you still reading this?


JP/deb said...

I like the wonderings list ... I agree with your post-election analysis ... I'm sure your daughter will rally in middle school! JP/deb

D... said...

At that age, gender lines are very rarely crossed. I think you are on to something with your thinking!

I love the thought that by blogging, one's obituary is being written. Never thought of it in that context before.

Kelly O said...

Aw rats, I'm sorry she didn't win the election.


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