Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #79

1. Ever try to make a PB&J with just one hand? Not easy, folks. But a lot easier than washing dishes with one hand.

2. The image I have in my head of the "friends" surrounding Daughter as they tell her she received just four votes for Student Council president? The hyenas circling Scar in "The Lion King."

3. It brings to mind her first day of daycare/preschool. I looked at the window at the other kids playing hard and thought, "I'm throwing her to the wolves."

4. She was miserable. I pulled her and her brother after five times.

5. On another subject, and with no segue, is it strange that I don't sign my name at the end of emails to friends?

6. Again, segue-less, let me share that I have decided to grow my hair long again and donate it to Locks of Love. I've done this twice before, giving 14 inches the first time and 11 the next. I cut my hair very short the last time, and I've kept it that way for nearly three years now.

7. The kids mourned the loss of my long hair, but I didn't. I thought my new cut was smashing. I've enjoyed not being required to tend to my hair all this time.

8. But I've put off getting a hair cut for about six, seven weeks now. And it occurred to me that I could just grow it out again. Perhaps for the last time. Perhaps not.

9. I've been blessed with my father's genes when it comes to very little gray hairs even though I'm rapidly aging.

10. Of course, I've been cursed with his genes when it comes to having quite hairy arms and the family "sweat." Yin and yang, I guess.


Maria said...

Ah. Sorry about your daughter's failed bid. NEXT TIME!

And I am growing out my hair too...I wore it in a braid down my back for um...decades. I finally decided about a year ago to get it cut and I never looked back. How WONDERFUL to get out of the shower, fluff, throw on some bed head gel and GO.

But, Bing has mourned my hair from day one and my niece got hers cut for Locks of Love, so I decided to grow it out again. The difference now, though? I have gone mostly grey...

Tara R. said...

So sorry about the campaign. I hope she was too discouraged. I can't get my hair long enough to donate. I think it's fabulous that you can do that.

Lori the eco-artist said...

My unsolicited advice it to delegate all chores to the kids. Mine do the sandwich-making, put their dishes in the dishwasher, vacuum, and in the past, did the laundry. And, I don't even have the excuse of a bad arm. I disguised my laziness as "I need to teach them to be independent so they can survive on their own" So, sit back, relax, and break out the whistle. PUT THOSE KIDS TO WORK! They will feel so good to know they are helping out mom.
I am growing my hair long again too, by the way.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

I have considered donating to Locks of Love also. Still have some growing to do, tho....

Mel said...

I have been trying to convince the fam (kids AND husband) to let me chop my hair short forEVer now. They aren't going for it, and I can't stand the pseudo-mourning crap they pull when I go ahead and cut it anyway.

I am jealous.

D... said...

I donated to Locks of Love once. My daughter was a baby. When I came home, she didn't recognize me. She clung to a picture of us where I had my long hair.

Washing dishes with one hand is nearly impossible. I suggest you recruit some minions to do your bidding. ;)

jenica said...

i don't sign my name at the end of emails either.

i also don't say goodbye on the phone. i simply say talk to you soon and hang up. or thank you and hang up. or just... hang up.


jenica said...

oh, and give daughter my hugs.


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