Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #80

1. Is it totally egocentric to laugh at one's own humorous writings?

2. Do you know how you can tell when a hot new technology is old? When I start using it.

3. And how boring are all my contacts on hotmail? I've got about 250 or so. A grand spankin' total of 4 have Twitter accounts. And I'm hazarding a guess that maybe one uses it.

4. Now, my cool gmail contacts -- that would be all you folks -- all but a handful have it.

5. Here's a segue for you: "twitter" is the sound of my guts wrenching as I realize I no longer have any retirement funds to speak of.

6. Hey, have you heard about the latest virus hitting the Internet? Oh, it's a doozy all right. I've even gotten an email (or two or 10) saying Snopes verifies it all.

7. Am I the only person who actually checks Snopes upon receiving such an email? It seems like it.

8. But going with my husband's adage of, "If you don't tell someone they're stupid, they'll keep being stupid," I always reply to the sender with the real Snopes scoop. In a totally disarmingly humorous way. So as to not hurt anyone's feelings. 'Cause that's just the kind of gal I am.

9. Also from the email files this week: an invitation to a card making party with Stampin Up.

10. My email response: Sorry, but it's not me. Good luck, though! Hey, at least I didn't make up some lame excuse, right?


Tara R. said...

I respond with Snopes debunking all the time. My MIL and SIL send me crap a couple times a week... makes me nuts.

Maria said...

No twitter for me....

Neil said...

I laugh at my own jokes ALL the time.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

I check everything on Snopes. Then I do a nice "Reply All" so the sender - and everyone they sent it to - gets set straight. I'm nice that way.

And yes, I laugh at myself all the time. I am hilarious. At least I think so.

Jeni said...

I can laugh like crazy -to myself -when writing about something that was really funny and then, when I'm done and re-read it, suddenly the humor of the moment seems to have run away on me! Or maybe it really wasn't that funny to begin with or, let's face it, a humor writer is not in my future.
The Scopes thing -I almost always check stuff folks send out there but I have given up on sending them the Scopes info cause they don't seem to pay a lick of attention to that anyway. Plus, it's usually a lot of extra work cause I have to go through and erase tons and tons of other e-mail addys from the e-mail depending on how many times the blasted thing was forwarded before it arrived on my doorstep! That stuff really drives me bonkers!

Ruth Dynamite said...

Erm...what latest virus hitting the internet? Maybe I better visit Snopes...

D... said...

I check with Snopes. You can't be too careful out here!

I'm signed up with Twitter but have never twittered. I'm also signed up with Facebook and I do facebook (hmm, can one 'do' facebook?).

Bubba's Sis does think she's hilarious. She can be, she can be.... ;)

jenica said...

i heart you. i just got an email about strawberry flavored meth with a link to snopes. yup, i checked it, it's verifies that there is no strawberry flavored meth... damn, just when i thought there was justice in the world. i heart snopes too.

i don't have twitter. it frightens me.

and yes, i did just laugh at my own joke.


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