Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #81

1. It's not that I'm necessarily looking for harsh criticism -- hell, I'm always hard enough on myself -- but I don't think I've ever found readers telling poets that their work sucks and they should find something else to occupy their mind.

2. You may take this as permission to be more critical of whatever I write, particularly my attempts at haiku for One Single Impression.

3. You may not take this as a request for you to say, "Oh, no, but you write great ku."

4. Having a kid sick at home makes it quite difficult for this WAHM to run her meth lab.

5. That's a joke and a poke at the inanity of the federal government asking for my ID when I try to buy real pseudoephedrine at the drug store.

6. Speaking of drug stores, guess what impulse buy I made on Tuesday? Go on, guess. Yeah, a flu shot.

7. Tell me why I would possibly not think to have them give me the shot in the arm that already hurts like hell. Go on, tell me.

8. Since I'm going to be forcing the kids to get the shot, too, I couldn't complain about my arm hurting later, right? 'Cause that would just scare them.

9. I was fully recovered by Pete's return Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, he greets me with, "Ah, it's October, so the great covers fight begins again." I won round one.

10. All I learned about life, I learned through blogging. Like fungus among us in the washer.


D... said...

The flu shot scares me.

It is so strange to be carded for OTC medicine. Sign of the times. Sigh.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

Someone told you your 'ku sucked?? How RUDE!!!!

I love your Haikus. You are the reason I joined up with One Single Impression. Mine probably suck, but I don't care. But I bet if someone told me they did I would.


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