Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #84

1. Filling raffle ticket orders for the younger kids' turkey raffle, I happen to be enjoying a delightful candy Eclair by Cadbury. Licking envelopes with that confection on your tongue is no problem for the licker. But I wonder what the recipient will think of the brown gunk on the envelope.

2. Did a quick Google search to see who makes my delightful Eclairs and noticed a
news item about a recall notice of the candy. Thank God it's for the ones made in China and sold to Australia.

3. Of course, my bags hail from England. Wait, I'd better check. Whew! Yeah, England.

4. Speaking of England, did I mention it was freakin' cold there? I mean, cold. Pete said the gale-like winds were coming in from Iceland.

5. I think the fact that I was experiencing winds from Iceland was kind of like being able to see Iceland. Which makes me a kind of Iceland expert, don't you think?

6. Kind of like Sarah Palin's expertise on Russia.

7. Sarah Who? Yeah, soon enough, that's what we'll all be thinking.

8. Back at home, the weather has been delightful. My first night back, I might have whined about the chill, as I was doing before I went to England, but it felt balmy after the frigid winds there. And, then, it actually was balmy, hitting about 83 yesterday and today.

9. Unable to come up with a segue, I'm going to mention that Daughter is going for the ear piercing this weekend. It's only been over the last year or so that she could stand anyone -- or anything -- touching her ears, so it's a big step for her.

10. Her plan for her first set of earrings? Her birthstone. That would be ruby. I'm thinking she's not really putting much credence to this whole economy-is-in-the-toilet theory.


Tara R. said...

My hubs lived in England when he was in junior high and came back to the states with a deep seated love of all things Cadbury. Fabulous chocolates. The envelope recipients should be thankful for the chocolate scented mail.

D... said...

How are the pierced ears doing? Is she thrilled with them? I have a story about mine that I should blog about one day.

And, yes, you certainly are an Iceland expert now! Woot!

cjm said...

Please, please let us be thinking "Sarah who?" and not "OMG, she's running for president."


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