Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #86: Photographic Phabulous Phoenix

1. Getting children up and leaving the house before daylight has no impact on their level of energy.

2. The first rental car we got had pieces falling off of it and reeked of urine. It was a harbinger of what was to come as our trip progressed.

3. The hotel we stayed at was simply fabulous. What puzzled us is that some of the facilities were only open in-season. "In-season" in Phoenix can't really be summer, can it? Do people actually vacation there when it's 115 degrees?

4. Upon request, though, they would open the water slide. Our suite was merely steps from the slide, and the kids, particularly Youngest, adored it. Even I tried it out a few times, before my sanity returned. [Only myself to blame for the neck flare-up, folks.]

5. On twilight of our first night, we took a hike that Pete does quite often when he's down there on business. None of the kids bitched about marching their sorry butts up the hill, and they even enjoyed the view.

6. Technology is never far away from our lives, though, is it?

7. On Tuesday, the kids and I visited the Phoenix Zoo. Not a fan of zoos in general, I still had a good time, until we boarded the last train ride of the day, only to have the "engineer" ruin it for us with a running lounge-lizard-type commentary. Perhaps the 70-year-old crowd would enjoy it. The under-13 crowd gave her a resounding thumbs down.

8. Hanging out in the spider monkey's area -- they actually let us into the area as the monkeys scurry about -- I had the kids convinced the "art work" was the monkey's poop and blood. Sadly, the zoo employee set them straight, explaining that they were fed PB&Js for lunch. Killjoy.

9. Wednesday evening/Thursday morning was ruined by the upchucking of the boys. The smell of urine would have been a welcome relief from the odor of puke which we would continue to inhale until our departure Friday morning. [Nah, I'm not going to post those photos.]

10. We marched the kids up a mountain Thanksgiving morning. Or should I say Pete did? I petered out halfway, utterly winded. I'd use my sinus infection and flare-up and flu-like chills and sweats as an excuse, but let's just go with lazy.

[Some photos courtesy of Hilton and]


petite gourmand said...

sounds fun- minus the up-chuck.

jenica said...

love the play by play pics.

will you still get to go and see the grand canyon? hope you all get feeling better!


Giggles said...

I love animals, but don't like zoos at all! Sounds like a few good moments here and there! Hope you're all up to snuff now!

Maggie May said...

we belong at the zoo / the san diego zoo

cool pictures :) i love hiking and mud and rain and water slides. not neck flare ups though

D... said...

I'm sorry there was upchucking involved. Up to then, it sounded like a great family getaway. Glad it (the upchuck, not the getaway) didn't last long!

Really, when is "in -season" in Phoenix? I'm with you, it can't be during the summer! I would think now is the perfect time to visit.

Loved the pictures!

soccer mom in denial said...

Great pix, list and recounting of the week. Although I would rename the category Weekly Wandering.

Happy Post-Thanksgiving. And thank you for not sharing the puke photos!

Janet said...

That is one gorgeous hotel. I'm impressed that the boys were able to hike after barfing all night. Ah, to be a kid and so resilient.


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