Monday, December 8, 2008

Aren't We a Riot?

Okay, so it's not the best medicine, really, but it does pass the time between whinging about my arm. Laughter is found in huge quantities at our house and it's never more fulfilling than on Sundays.

* * *

On our way to church, in a bitter cold Jeep:

Me: I'm so cold, I must be dying.
Pete: With hands that cold, you're already dead.
Youngest: Can we have your grave near our house?

* * *

Me: Youngest, pick up your things under the table.
Youngest: That's not my stuff under the table.
Me: Pick up the things that you left under the table.
Youngest: Ooooooh, you're good.
* * *

I remember my mom buying the canned "snow" when I was a kid for us to make Christmas figures on the windows. The first time I bought the stuff for my own kids, Pete thought I was crazy. Not to be deterred, I bought each of them a can this year. What have they created to underscore the season? A smiley face. A stick figure girl. Their names. Weird Druid-like symbols. I do believe I'm raising the next generation of taggers.

* * *

Pete and Youngest decide to clean off the wackiest of the symbols. Youngest is jumping up and down, begging Pete for the hose to do some on his own. During the hand-off, the hose is fumbled, hitting the ground, spewing full-force up into Youngest's face and chest, whipping about to drench Pete as well, and all the time I am holding my gut laughing. [I'm inside, of course, because it's freakin' cold out there, you crazy people!] Five seconds of chaotic slapstick comedy to forever remember.

* * *

Pete has left again for Phoenix and the kids will be in school. Come on, Internet, it's up to you to make me laugh.


Janet said...

The Mountain Man has made that exact comment about my cold hands. We didn't have the humorous followup from the kid however. I'm playing catchup today, so you can expect a flurry of comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the kids kept you entertained. We were quite busy for a change this weekend. And, I'm fairly certain cold to you is below 70, right? Cause that's what is cold to me - and I'm stuck in the 40s right now with the potential for actual snow tomorrow.

D... said...

Ya'll are so much fun. I'll have to make you laugh some other time. Like you, I am a "single mom" this week. Well, I usually am, but more so than usual this time. Hubby is in Dallas.

Momisodes said...

I haven't tried canned snow in years! Those were some good times :)

I'm the same way with cold hands. I always seem to have to coldest in the house.


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