Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Haiku: Stardust

More powerful than
what faeries use for dream-making.
A day-to-day must.

Sprinkle some on Earth
to make it all fade away:
war, hunger, fear, hate.

I am definitely not someone who walks around with stardust in her eyes. In fact, my outlook is most often just the opposite as I am the eternal pessimist. Eeyore, if you will. Ah, but I can dream about it, right? Being hopelessly optimistic and uncritical, I mean.

[Are the poets dusting themselves with stardust or are they flicking it away? I guess we'll have to see over at One Single Impression.]


Anonymous said...

Even Eeyore can dream, huh?

I love your take on the prompt--it would be nice if it would work that way.

Anonymous said...

.."Sprinkle some on Earth to make it all fade away: war, hunger, fear, hate"..
everyone joins in that wish!
..many thanks & a very happy new year!..

Linda Jacobs said...

Very appropriate for today's headlines! I wish I had a big bag of it to spread around!

Great poem!

D... said...

A wonderful dream. If only....

Anonymous said...

From one Eeyore to another, may I say amen. I love this poem. We need stardust in the form of ruthless compassion, me thinks.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Stop by my blog, you are a contender! ;)

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, if only we could sprinkle it away! Lovely work!

Melody said...

I would like some of your stardust. We can all dream! Very nice.

Maddy said...

Yes I'm definitely in the Eeyore camp too. I blame the genes myself.

Hope that 2009 is totally splendid for you and yours.


anthonynorth said...

Ah, if only stardust could do that. I certainly live in hope.

Jim said...

Hi Patois, thank you for the heads up. I like your Haikus. These are ones meant for the dreamers to believe.
You may not have stardust in your eyes but I wouldn't say you are too much of a pessimist after your ordeal with taking the kids to see the Grand Canyon.
We sort of gave up on the GC for now and are headed the other way.

How is Corrie getting along? I sure wouldn't want to be her for a while.
Happy New Year and I'll try poems some more when I can,

Geraldine said...

Such lovely and hopeful thoughts Patois. I enjoyed how you interpreted this wonderful prompt.

Happy New Year, G


floreta said...

i think i am also an eeyore sometimes.. trying to change that. i know i don't know you, but i would have guessed you're an optimist! :P just by 'first impression'.

Beth P. said...

eeyores dream of stardust that you can put in containers and use it when it's really needed.


thanks, patois for the poem and the after-words--

so...some of the poets for this OSI prompt rolled around in the stardust and some looked at it from afar, it seems!

happy new year!

spacedlaw said...

Stardust is the food of dreams.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Stardust is the magic, if only it were that easy, to better our world.

Janet said...

from one Eeyore to another . . . :)


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