Monday, December 1, 2008

I Just Had to Laugh

I love reading the Freecycle postings. Most of them are pretty mundane. A handful are quite intriguing. Like the time someone was trying to give away a back scratcher (used). Um, yeah, I took a pass at that.

But my latest favorite comes from a quite distraught person who had apparently posted about giving away some wine. Unaware that her real email address would show up rather than just her user name, she quickly sent out a plea to help to the Freecycle administrator. Only -- oops! -- she posted the damn thing to all of us Freecylers.

Now, I'm tempted to list her name because, come on, it's freakin' funny. But I figure that will just bring me some bad karma. So I've changed her name to MAYOR NUMSKULL where appropriate:

From: on behalf of MAYOR NUMSKULL (
Sat 11/29/08 9:13 AM
Freecycle (TOWN

I listed the free wine, and somehow, my whole name came up on the listing. I thought that my user name would be used, so I guess I'm less adept than I'd thought.

Now, I cannot for the life of me find the non-beta site to take down the ad - or edit it. There are political reasons why my name should NOT be listed with this - long story, but it was a donation.....and turned out to be bad, could not be used, with us serving wine that we had to taste every bottle in front of guests, etc. etc. but to have my name on the give away makes it kind of a public thing here in town where I'm mayor!

What do I do?

MAYOR NUMSKULL, about to be former Mayor!!!!!

Now, tell me, does one small part of you want to do what I wanted to do: forward the email in its entirety to the local newspaper?


Anonymous said...

I noticed your comment on Playgroupie Jennifer's Twilight post & I have to warn you - Breaking Dawn took me reading it 4 times to even begin to like it. And, that is by & large what I've heard from everyone who read the series - how horrible it I wasn't sure where you'd heard it was good? There's a reason there was a HUGE backlash against it from the fans - it stunk. And, you really didn't like Eclipse? It was the best of the four, I thought.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Kelly O said...

Heh. What a braniac. But I'm jealous that you get wine on your Freecycle.

D... said...

Oh YES! Definitely a Darwin winner.

Reading your first commenter, I did not care for Breaking Dawn very much either. Least favorite of the four. I don't remember too much about Eclipse. That was many books & many nights ago.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh hilarious! I posted one once that I got about a microwave that had DEAD cockroaches inside the buttons!
But "it works great!"


Anonymous said...

I vote yes!! And what is Breaking Dawn?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine giving up wine. For free. A child or two, sure. But vino? nope.

On another note Breaking Dawn was not everything the first three books were. My daughter, 11, read them all and loved them to pieces. But I agree, BD was not up to snuff.

Janet said...

That sounds like something one of our illustrious public officials would do. Yep, I'd send it out. Someone that stupid doesn't need to be in charge of anything.


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