Friday, December 5, 2008

Not House, But I'll Live

Nearly five months pregnant with Eldest when I went to work at the Chronicle, I got on the health plan and needed to find a doctor who would accept the plan. The only other "requirement" I had was that I needed the doctor to refer me to the obstetrician I had already begun using.

I spent hours calling through doctors, trying to find someone. Finally, success. Introducing myself on the phone and explaining my plight to the elderly person on the other end of the line, the elderly person said, "I'll take you on. My girl's at lunch right now, but give me your number and I'll have her call you back to make an appointment."

Yes, that elderly woman became my doctor. Brusque and old-school, she fit my needs perfectly. For the last five or six years, she's tried to find someone to take over her practice so she could retire. She's complained, sometimes bitterly, how no new doctors want to take on the old-fashioned one-doctor general practitioner office. She she's plodded on, eventually cutting back to working 3.5 days a week. And now she's retired.

Which is why I was dialing-for-doctors the other day, looking for someone -- anyone! -- who would take on a new patient. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Wising up, I started asking if there were any other doctors in the practice who might be taking on new patients. I hit pay dirt when someone mentioned there was a doctor taking on new patients in the practice. "But he's a man."


My response? "I've had three kids. I have no modesty. Does he treat women?"

When assured that he did, I had just one more question. "How old is he because I'm looking for someone to outlive me."

And this, dear friends, is how I ended up spending an hour this morning getting to know my spankin' new, very young doctor. Here's to a very long and healthy relationship, Doc!


Kelly O said...

I was trying to explain the modesty thing to a friend the other day. I think I said something like, "When you've been f!sted in front of your closest friends and family by a series of doctors and nurses, the idea of having your zipper down in front of a few coworkers becomes a little less horrifying."

Congrats on the new doctor!

J said...

Kelly's comment cracked me up, and yeah, I have no modesty left. It was unnerving when the doctors were cute, though.

Anonymous said...

if you ever need a cute cardiologist, i can hook you up with mine. he totally showed me his support stockings at my last appt.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha. Well. I prefer female doctors just "because," but I definitely like the idea of finding one that will outlive you. Here's to a long and healthy relationship, INDEED.

Mayberry said...

The old lady sounds fabulous. And I love your screening questions for the new guy.

D... said...

I need to do that as well. We've lived here for 10 years. I'm thinking it's about time we find a doctor.

I hope you have a happy relationship with yours!

Sian said...

Well, my doctor has Tourette's Syndrome so we both freak out together if things get too much.

I have never seen a cute doctor in my life - I think they are banned in the UK - or maybe they all go to the US?

Janet said...

I know what you mean about the modesty thing. Childbirth makes a gynecological exam seem like a lovely day at seaside.
Doctor shopping is never fun. Glad you found someone you like! (I laughed out loud at getting someone who would outlive you.)
I have a cute doctor - she's about 5 feet tall and blonde. She's close to my age but looks like she could still be in college. But she's brilliant and worth the 3-hour drive.


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