Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #88

1. Anybody else notice that the word verification words on Blogger are starting to seem more, um, English-like?

2. Not that "Ameness" is a word. [Wait. Let me Google it. Nope. It's not.] But doesn't it seem more word-like than in the past?

3. Other "real-like" words I've run across which have struck my fancy? Graceness. Popsis.

4. I do not now, nor will I ever, need to know that Britney's concert tickets are on pre-sale. NOW!

5. The principal at the younger kids' school sent out an email to all parents. The subject line? LICE and sibling registration.

6. No, LICE is not an acronym. At least it's not an acronym in this case.

7. I sent her this email: Are we trying to discourage sibling registration by pairing it with the lice information?

8. Taking Youngest around to view the decorated homes last night, we all pointed out particularly intriguing ones. He wondered why the "t" was lit up on one roof.

9. Um, that's a cross, kid.

10. I guess we really do need to get to church more often. [He actually does understand Christmas and Easter, thank you very much.]


D... said...

Just the thought of Lice makes my head itch! And coupled with student registration? I just want to itch all over. ;)

Graceness strikes my fancy as well.

Joanne said...

Here in NZ we wage an on-going battle with "nits". My daughter has forbidden me from telling anyone back home how many times she's come home with them. Pretty much all it takes is for her to forget to wear a pony tail for a day. Not fun.

Momisodes said...

Ay, I hope your little one steers clear of LICE.

I did notice the more real-ish words recently. It's only taking me 2 tries now instead of 5 to get them right :)

Anonymous said...


Oh my goodness, that totally made my night. I'm going to be telling that story the rest of the season.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

ahhh thanks for the chuckles; wonderful way to end the day.
I was going to tell you the blogger security word but you dont ask for one - but yes - i had noticed that. I had "ingst" for one earlier today; some emo word i think?? :)

CP said...

I swear that we have had more lice notifications this year than ever. We douse ourselves with Tea Tree Oil and use Tea Tree oil shampoo and conditioners. It may not really do anything but it makes me feel like I have a fighting chance against the lice. So far, we've lucked out.


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