Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Weekly Wonderings #89

1. Walk like an Obiption*.

2. Clearly, I'm not getting enough kicks out of the Blogger word verification words. I've had to turn to emails from acquaintances. And, no, I don't mean my Nigerian prince acquaintance.

3. Although I'm thinking the Nigerian prince emails probably have about as much validity as the cautions I receive from well-meaning people regarding microwaving in plastic containers or leaving bottled water in your car.

4. I have just one word for you well-meaning, caring individuals who worry about me and my health: SNOPES.

5. It's just a second-hand hemotion*.

6. Pete, having gone to bed feeling all achy, said the next morning, "That was one of the worst nights of sleep in my life." "That's because you're forgetting many, many years," I sympathetically pointed out.

7. We were family bed sleepers. I still like nothing more than to cuddle up with one of my children as they go to sleep. I don't mean to say I'm glad that Pete has been travelling a lot, but it is nice to cuddle with Youngest, siphoning off his warmth throughout the night.

8. Random note from a friend, "I did a search on facebook for Bruce Springsteen, and your feet showed up as the 4th search result. What's up with that??? Something you're not telling me?"

9. Why does that make me feel special? Oh, right, because I'm a Springsteen wing-nut.

10. Youngest, the rock 'n' roll fanatic, said the other morning, "I bet the man who shot Lennon only got coal from Santa. It's not nice to shoot someone, especially so close to Christmas."

*More Blogger word verifications. I'll stop now. Probably.


D... said...

Youngest is so right in his assessment.

You made me snort with your word verification fun. That's a good thing!

Tara R. said...

Yeah, I think Youngest is on to something there too.

I have a generic reply to familia emails that has the Snopes link included. Do a little checking on your own peeps!

My lottery, inheritance, money laundering e-mails no longer come from Nigeria, they are coming from the FBI.

Beck said...

The new word verification almost words have been enchanting me for a while now. Scnopsy! Perdoodle!

My freaking kids have been ending up in my freaking bed all freaking week. Guess how I feel about this! Guess!

Momisodes said...

Oh those word verifications drive me bonkers!

I feel the same way about snuggling up with the little ones. :)


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