Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordy Wednesday #40

Each spring, there's a big fundraiser for the kids' elementary school. One item "sold" is attendance at the Father/Daughter Dance. This year's dance took place last Friday. In addition to ponying up the $50 to have Pete and Daughter attend, I also help organize the dance, donate money to fund it, and work the dance itself.

I think I mentioned before that Pete is likely grateful that it's the last dance he'll have to do as this is Daughter's last year at the school. [Don't get me started on how angst-filled I am about my little girl being turned over to the wolves starting middle school next year.]

Some of the older girls are already acting rather, um, sexy. They shake what they've got. And some of them already got. It occurred to me toward the end of the dance that some of these girls' fathers have got to be shaken to the core watching their daughters...shake their cores. They're likely thinking, "Where's my little girl?!! When did she get those?!! How did she learn to do that?!!"

Here's my little girl, all gussied up with a tiara for effect.

Dancing Tween


Momisodes said...

She is so beautiful! Really, she looks stunning in her dress and tiara.

I think my husband would pass out if he saw our daughter shake her money maker among friends (including the opposite sex). And I don't think the next 8-9 years will prep him either.

the mama bird diaries said...

You daughter looks so beautiful. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

She absolutely knocks me out Patois. If I were you, I would invest in a number of blunt instruments to be left at each entrance to your house. Because you are going to need them.

Tricia said...

She's divine, absolutely beautiful. Now, go lock her up. We can do that right...lock them up just as middle school begins.

I remember those looks on my husband's face when my step daughter discovered she had something to shake. oy!

D... said...

So so beautiful she is! And I love her dress!

My daughter's first dance in intermediate school really opened my eyes. Parents let their daughters dress like that? Oh my.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very cute tiara photos. all little girls need tiaras.
sorry to read of the medical bills; hoping things will change soon

Janet said...

She is gorgeous. Yeah, you need to lock her up. Homeschooling is popular.

I'm SO not ready for that.


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