Thursday, January 1, 2009

And a Disney New Year

Tuesday afternoon, I was telling Eldest that it wouldn't be long before he'd be going out on New Year's Eve to celebrate with friends. He has had this misperception that families stay in to celebrate the coming year. I explained to him that Pete and I are rather extremely odd in that we don't really ever go out without the kids. And that's throughout the year, not just New Year's Eve.

Most "normal" people, I told the lad, go out and party their way through the countdown. Pretty soon, I told him, he'd be going to parties on New Year's Eve or staying up all night with close friends or watching the fireworks in the city.

That was Tuesday afternoon. Guess what? Eldest stayed over at a buddy's house last night to ring in the new year. When I was having that conversation with him, "soon," in my head, meant "in a few years." My, time does fly when you're raising kids.

Pete didn't make it past 10 p.m. The kids and I camped out in Eldest's bachelor pad -- but don't tell him because he wouldn't like it one bit -- and watched the Disney Channel. It was almost like being at Disneyland. Not. Do you know how horrible that Zack and Cody crud is? Or the "Hannah Montana" show? On the upside, those two shows were so sickening that it made the "Wizards of Waverly Place" episodes seem like quality TV.

In the end, Daughter made it until 11:42 p.m. So close and yet so far. At precisely 12 midnight, according to the official Disney Channel countdown, Youngest turned to me, gave me a hug, and said, "Happy New Year, Mommy."

It won't be too long before no child of mine is around to give me that most precious new year hug and love. Trust me, for I know of what I speak.


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

My kids had that same Disney New Year - they had friends over spending the night. We all made it to midnight, but not much later. No fireworks, no champagne, no raining down of confetti - just a hearty cry of 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' and we were off to bed!

Happy 2009 to YOU, Patty!

Beck said...

We watched Wall-E - well, actually, I camped out in the Girl's room and watched High School Musical with her, since she was VERY sick. So we had a Disney New Year, too - although my kids have never seen the awful, awful Disney sit-coms. Gah.
Happy new year.

Sian said...

Well, at least you got one hug - all my crew had crashed out by midnight. Lightweights.

Have a great 2009

D... said...

Happy 2009!

I was kidless last night. Mine were the friends that Bubba's Sis was referring. As it's also our anniversary, we very rarely celebrate NYE. Just a Happy New Year at midnight.

CP said...

I had a similar conversation with my oldest, E, this morning. I was telling him that he is only home for 6 more years before he leaves for college and that I'm already freaking out.

Seriously, it is hard to fathom that we've already had 2/3 of the time we get with him, at home full time, and that 2/3 of the time we have to make an impression on him, to help mold him into a responsible adult, etc is over. Finito. OK, I'm freaking myself out again!

Mary Witzl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to obsess over things like this. Part of me wonders how I'll get through the next year with our eldest; part of me wonders what I'll do without her. This is the sort of thing we never anticipated when we first decided to have kids.

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a happy New Year, kisses and hugs make it the best. We watch a lot of the Wizards, they are a kid's favorite. I slept in the New Year.


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