Friday, January 9, 2009

I Kid You Not, ROFL

Can I tell you how much I love reading the ROFL award winners each month? I'm totally grateful to Oh, The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby for resurrecting these. Though my posts are almost never worthy of an ROFL comment -- hell, I'm happy if one of my posts gets an LOL comment* -- nearly all of the blogs I read I do so because they make me deep-belly laugh often enough to keep coming back for more.

I'm not a wannabe. [Well, not when it comes to blogging. But when it comes to dancing? Oh, yeah, I'm a wannabe.] [Which is so not true because I have no sense of rhythm. I don't dance. Okay, I do, but only to embarrass the crap out of my kids. And, even then, only when it's just us in the house.]

As a non-wannabe, I can freely give awards to whomever I freakin' choose without worrying about what someone might think of me. How outrageously class-jumping of me to point to Not Calm (dot com) and her post about something as simple as a hat. Just a hat that she happened to knit. Brave woman she is. A role model, really. I'm almost tempted to post a video of me dancing just because of her photos of her hat. Almost tempted.

Now, after you read her post and say outloud, "Oh, thanks so much for sending me her way," head on over to Oh, The Joys or Chicky Chicky Baby and read the other winners this month. You won't regret the time suck.

*I actually cringe whenever I see "LOL." I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'm so old that I remember Herb Caen using the term when he referred to "Little Old Ladies." Which makes me an LOL now, I guess. LOL!


Anonymous said...

seriously, i should wear that hat at blogher this summer now that people are actually going to read the post! thanks for nominating me. i'm glad it made you laugh. it was pretty damn funny. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Can I ask a question? You know I'm really oblivious to everything, right? And I'm an idiot who is simply allowed to type on the computer & I know nothing else? What's a ROFL ?? Is it an award?

Petunia said...

Wow--that was a really bad hat--said from one who has never in her entire life attempted to knit anything!

Maggie May said...

what is up with that amazing picture on top your blog!!!!?

D... said...

You and I should go out dancing. We'll each make the other feel better. I promise you that I can lose a beat just clapping. It's quite embarrassing.


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