Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing to See Here, Keep Moving Along

Even my mother is less concerned about my welfare than some of you people are, and she's, like, the best mother ever! [Yeah, puts me to shame. Try living up to the standard she set. My poor kids.]

I am fine. I went away for the weekend. The kids had today off from school because it was a teacher work day. [I love that term, by the way, don't you? As if they don't work when school is in session?]

We went up to visit the snow. Yes, all you folks freezing your butts off all over the country, here outside of San Francisco, we are required to drive to the snow. Ha!

Sledding on Saturday. Sunday it was skiing for Eldest and Pete and skating for Daughter and bitchin'-to-beat-the-band for Youngest. Today it was back home to phone messages and email messages from friends (real and imagined).

All is well. We are back. We are all unpacked. Pete and Youngest have washed the Tahoe-encrusted dirty car. The second load of laundry is being processed. And it's sunny and 60 degrees. Practically shorts weather, it is. Ha!

Peace out, folks! Thanks for worrying.


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

What a lovely weekend! It would take us the entire weekend just to drive someplace we could see snow. I'd love to see it and play in it, tho - it was 75 here today. They say another cold front is coming, but we still won't drop below freezing.

D... said...

Ah snow. I'm envious that you can drive to snow. Like Bubba's Sis said, there's no easy way for us to do that.

Janet said...

Sounds like fun. Even though it's freezing here, we'd still have to drive somewhere to find enough snow to ski in. :)


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