Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #91: The Annual Edition

Instead of my normal 10 wonderings, I'm going with 12 this week. Think of it as a look back at the highlights -- or lowlights -- of the year. There's one for each month, starting with December, just to mess with you. Don't feel obligated to read this, guys. [Except Pete, of course, 'cause there will be a quiz for him.]

1. Did you know that I won an "honorable mention" in Scribbit's December Write-away Contest? Yeah, I did. For this post.

2. Our nightly dinner conversations always include each of us naming the best and worst of the day. On New Year's Day, we each named the best and worst of the year. Even the pain of his triple bypass took a backseat for Pete (and me) to the loss of Uncle Ken. Here is what I wrote the day he died.

3. One of my Wordy Wednesdays with my favorite subject, demon boy.

4. Who could ever forget the crazy soccer mom?

5. Something about those D-Day beaches stirs me still.

6. All about my adoration for that guy from Jersey.

7. There's a reason we've been together exactly 13 years and one day. A tribute to Pete on Father's Day. [And, no, I'm not including a glowing post about him just because he's going to be quizzed later.}

8. Sometimes a bad day turns out okay, you know?

9. I suck at being a parent, especially when it comes to being Youngest's mother.

10. Yeah, yeah, I didn't really write this one, but I can't very well not include Pete's guest post, can I? [Particularly because he survived the triple bypass.] Trust me, it was hard not to go with one about Joanne and family moving to New Zealand.

11. In the days leading up to Pete's bypass, it was apparent that we were doing a good job in not scaring the kids as evidenced here.

12. Well, for sure the winner this month has got to be the post including the letter I sent to that bitch dog sitter who threw a party while we were gone. Farewell to a bunch of cash and my video iPod and, as we discovered later, my video camera. Hmmmm, I guess time hasn't quelled my anger.


D... said...

You certainly had an eventful year. I hope 2009 has many happy, exciting events and not so much the other kind.

You? A sucky parent? Never in my eyes!

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

All good posts! I love a Jersey guy, too - but a different one than you, which works out well for both of us! ;-)

J said...

I read your sucky parent post. You're actually an awesome parent, in my mind, for realizing your son needs something different from you. We should all be so aware.

Tricia said...

Here's to hoping your annual list for 2009 is lopsided on the highlights side of things!

amy turn sharp said...

congrats on the contest! Awesome!!!


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