Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #92

1. When the muscle relaxant and Vicodin finally kick in, what's the first thing I do with the return of some mobility?

2. Yeah, clean the two bathrooms.

3. And when the drugs wear off after an hour, what do I swear I'll never do again when the mobility returns?

4. I spent the other night reading all about the latest Twitter scandal, perusing the blogs of the accused and the purported accuser. And then another half-dozen posts from others discussing the to-do.

5. And I breathed a sigh of relief that my idle threats to do harm to my children are said under my breath and not "aloud" on the Internet.

6. In my never-ending quest to educate my friends -- or at least people who have my email address -- I was forced once again to send a one-word reply to a friend telling all in her contact list about how Bill Gates is going to pay them $245 for each friend they forward an email to.

7. My one-word reply? "Snopes."

8. Other weird emails of late? How about the one with the subject line "FW: Re: Merry XMas" which included a link to a story of the original sender's niece dying of alcohol poisoning? The content of the email sure was obscured by the subject line.

9. Then there's the one from the poor woman trying to get people to pay up what they owe her for their portion of the Father/Daughter dance we put on. About a month earlier. Deadbeats.

10. Nope, I didn't owe her any money. She just sent it to everyone so as not to single the deadbeats out. Not that we all don't know who the deadbeats are. Which is kind of why I liked the email so much. Hee hee hee.


Anonymous said...

I'm just jealous you can take the Vicodin. I found out about 10 pills in after birthing the boy that I am highly allergic. Yeah. And, when you describe over the phone streaks across your abdomen and the ob says, "That sounds like liver failure?" GOOD TIMES!

J said...

I kind of think it should be a law that anyone forwarding an email has to double check it with Snopes first. Please, people. ;)

Tyne said...

I love a good forward! Especially the ones about how good luck will follow you if you forward it to ten people...

D... said...

Twitter scandal? Really?

There needs to be a mass email sent out about the wonderful attributes of Snopes. Really.

I hereby forbid you to clean bathrooms again!

jenica said...

what is this twitter scandal you speak of?
and where did i miss your missing mobility and addiction to narcotics?
i take one month off of reading blogs and the whole world goes to hell!

forwards i have received this week: bra's with larva, unamerican coins, virus alerts, obama's promise signed in blood to planned parenthood, stories of sick girls who smell jesus, a letter to the wife of a bored walmart shopper, and a half dozen friendship ones that include kittens, puppies, hearts, and old cartoon ladies with pantyhose around their ankles.

yes yes i feel the pain.

Janet said...

I finally trained my mother to check Snopes before sending those out. My husband's aunt however . . .

And no more cleaning the bathrooms.


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