Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting the GiST of It #1

I'm sure you've heard of Schmutzie's Grace in Small Things. [Well, you have unless you're my family member who only reads this blog.] A full year of chronicling the good we tend to overlook when the bad swirls around us. In the "application" to join the ning, there's a place to explain why you want to do it. This is what I said:

I've been looking at Schmutzie's lists for a long time. It's been a shitty run of things around me. I'd like to turn that tide by paying as much attention to the good.

And that's why I'm here, on this first day of Lent, an introspective day if ever there was one. [Come on, folks, I won't go all religion on you.] [Not that there's anything wrong with that.]

1. A husband who makes me the envy of my women friends -- and, no, not just the divorced ones.

2. Black and steamin' hot coffee in the first moments of awakening.

3. Legos.

4. My kids cracking jokes that are actually funny.

5. Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" or in "Shrek 2."


cjm said...

Um, I hadn't heard of it. I do that (though not 5 things daily). That what the little things is all about. Perhaps I'll give it a little more thought/effort.

Also? I like that you used "shitty" in your explanation.

Jeni said...

Shelly Tucker, at This Eclectic Life, started a similar thing -"Only the Good Friday" in which participants are to do a post every Friday in which you try to put a "good" spin on things/events around you. It does tend to help you realize even when things happen that aren't the best, some not really nice at all, if you look hard enough, you can find something good and reflect then on that as you keep moving on.
As always, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog daily.

D... said...

I haven't heard of this but it's excellent. We all need to remind ourselves of the grace in small things. I hope yours turns your tide.

Unknown said...

I've been seeing it all over and I like it. It makes me think happy thoughts instead of my usual stabby thoughts.

Janet said...

I really do need to sign up for this. I don't talk about the Mountain Man in public anymore because I think a number of women are raising money to put a contract out on me.

And Julie Andrews is awesome. Read her autobiography "Home." Seriously.

gudnuff said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm struggling today. You're one of the good things. Thank you.

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis) said...

I should do this, too. There's always a silver lining...


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