Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #96

1. Overheard from Youngest one day: I think I like Dad as my father instead of Ed Flanders.

2. Yeah, he's seen The Simpsons Movie about a dozen times. Yeah, he's only six. Do you have a point?

3. Oh, you think I might be *partially* to blame for his demonic behavior?

4. How many chargers does a family of five have to bring with them for a long weekend away? Nine. Plus two USB connectors.

5. Isn't that just totally pitiful?

6. I mentioned Daughter was in the school's talent show last week. Sadly, the talent show is treated precisely as all recreational sports are treated around here.

7. Just like "everyone is a winner" and "we don't keep score" in baseball or soccer or basketball, "everyone has talent" in elementary school.

8. I'm not suggesting we need Simon Cowell, per se, but even a sober Paula Abdul would be of at least some service.

9. Lacking a talent for segues, I'll just wonder this: If you're playing Hangman with your six-year-old son in church, is it sacrilegious to use a cross instead of a gallows?

10. And, so as to not leave on such a I-am-condemned-to-hell-note, let me point out to the fellow parent in front of me the other day: Blowing through the Stop sign near the school? You don't make up for it by slamming on your brakes 75 yards away.


Tara R. said...

I always love your wonderings. I think my family might give you a run for your money on #4 though.

D... said...

Yeah, we have a lot of chargers & connectors that go away with us. We are such a techno family!

I'm glad your youngest is content with his daddy and doesn't long for ole Ed there.

My son is thinking about "auditioning" for his school's talent show. Should be interesting.

gudnuff said...

Ned Flanders is a hoot to hang out with off-set, though. Swears like a sailor and alwyas buys the last round.

My kid has been watching The Simpsons since she was three (maybe younger). Gives us lots to discuss. Some seasons are better than others, it's true. A lot of needless swearing in the latter seasons - Ned was ghost writing while the writers sobered up. Ha.

If only a weekend away could get us away from those ugly power cords! At leaat you remembered to bring them home with you, right? (I've left three behind at least!)

My kid's talent show tryouts are in a couple of weeks. First practice is tomorrow at my house. I'll be sitting on my hands and biting my tongue HARD. Or even better, I'll put in earplugs! Yeah, and blog away in blissful ignorance. Would that be wrong?

As for the church thing and the driver with delayed response syndrome, I got nothin' to offer other than: Happy Valentine's Day Patois, to you and yours + the fbffl clan. Hope your happy, happy lovefest homecoming extravaganza continues 'til next Feb. 14th and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Hangman with a cross? OMG! Am I going to "fry" by association? lol.

I agree that the "everyone is a winner" is a little unrealistic. Kids need to learn how to handle disappointment before they get out in the real world.

Is there a "sober Paula Abdul?"

Anonymous said...

My daughter is in the talent show next month. I don't think she can sing. I am just hoping she doesn't embarrass herself.

Janet said...

My child is demonic. She's never seen the Simpson movie. It's a kid thing.


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