Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #98

1. "Why don't we have Caller ID?" Eldest asks last night. I respond with, "It's something like four bucks a month. We waste enough money without piddling it away on useless things."

2. And that is my philosophy, which explains why, when our disposal company jacked up the rates for garbage pick-up, we went to the teeniest garbage can possible. Which explains why I now go through trash cans in the house to pull out clearly recyclable materials to go into the big ole recycling can. (They don't charge for the recycling can so size does not mater.) [In this case, gentlemen.]

3. Daughter saw me rummaging through the bathroom trash can, pulling out the Dixie cups. [Come on, Dixie cups might be piddling away, but, in the long run, no sick kids or disgusting bathroom cups pays for the piddling.] She was appalled, suspecting that I was taking the stack of used cups to put back into the dispenser.

4. Even I'm not that cheap.

5. Speaking of watching the flow of money, I'm looking for someone to service our washer and dryer rather than just heave-ho them out the door and buy new ones. I fear I'm the only one still using Yahoo's yellow pages. As I click to the purported web site of one, I get an "Oops! This link appears broken" and the advice that I should do the following search on Google: ibbp kdrt click track.

6. No, that search didn't produce any results.

7. But what the hell is Google doing in the midst of a Yahoo search?

8. Perhaps Google is secretively taking over Yahoo in its quest for world domination.

9. I wonder if I'm tempting fate with this post.

10. Like, will my blog all of a sudden self-delete?


josie2shoes said...

I love these,Patty! It's amazing the ways we can find to trim a few dollars off the budget if we put our minds to it. LOL at the Google thing, it does seem to pop up in everything... we will watch for your blog to suddenly start appearing in Chinese characters! :-)

D... said...

That is so strange about google showing up on yahoo.

I had to LOL at your daughter and the dixie cups. I can see that scenario perfectly!

Our prices keep getting jacked up. However, we pay one flat rate for water, garbage, etc. So, there is nothing I can do to 'stick it to the man.' Except use more water. That seems like cutting off my nose to spite my face tho.

Anonymous said...

Our town requires us to use THEIR trashbags with our town emblem on them. We pay $2 for a bag. I get a week's worth in one bag. I started recycling more and am trying to just do the trash every other week. I use small kitchen bags and put them in my big can out back. On Monday mornings, I fill my $2 town bag with the kitchen bags and stick it on the curb. A total pain in the butt

the mama bird diaries said...

Google is definitely taking over the world.

So what were you doing with the Dixie Cups?

Anonymous said...

I think google bought out yahoo didn't they???

I love caller ID...saves headache sometimes, but then again I guess you can just screen your calls with the answering machine.


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