Monday, March 2, 2009

Charity Begins in the Crosswalk

I was running a quick errand before I went to count the church money. I had successfully crossed one street, using the crosswalk and looking both ways. I was halfway across the second street, again, having used the crosswalk and looked both ways, when the driver of a Jeep inches away from me started to accelerate into me, totally oblivious to my walking across the crosswalk.

She was at a four-way stop. She had apparently come to a complete stop. She had merely neglected to see if there was anyone coming in the crosswalk. Or perhaps even from any other direction.

I jumped back. She stopped. I stared. She yelled, "You were in my blind spot!"

I shook my head and continued across the street, thinking horribly non-Christian thoughts about the bitch. She shouted again "I'm sorry," she said this time.

I had reached the sidewalk by this time, shaken, and I didn't bother looking back or acknowledging her belated apology.

"You're not even going to look at me?" she yelled next.

I had seen a toddler in the middle of the back seat, secure in her cocoon. I think the presence of the toddler was the only reason I didn't yell back at her or flip her off following her initial "You were in my blind spot!" outburst.

I paid no attention to the bitch who had almost run me over and whose initial reaction was to blame me, the victim. I know there are too many dead pedestrians in the right. Her apology after blaming me was not worth being voiced. Her indignation that I ignored her after all that would have made me laugh had I not been so shaken.

I finished my errand and then walked over to the church, still fuming. Why still fuming? Because I was so ticked at that bitch and I was having a hard time reconciling doing something good -- like volunteering to count and deposit the church money -- with feeling like I wanted to wring someone's neck.

On the other hand, it was pretty charitable of me not to beat the hell out of the hood of her car.


"Sunshine" said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people in the wrong are too proud/embarrassed to admit their wrongs but instead try to take them out on others. I wouldn't worry about her--after all, what are you supposed to say in response to that? "No problem?" It was good of you to volunteer your time for the church, and at least you didn't get run over by her. That's the main thing.

josie2shoes said...

I never cease to be amazed at how quickly people can come up with something or someone else to blame for their mistakes. Why is it so hard to just say "I'm sorry"? I'm just so glad you weren't hurt. I wonder what she would have said then!

Jim said...

It would have been my luck to see her there in church. I am getting a terrible "blind spot," my son's may take my keys away one of these days. Your post tells me they should if I don't start looking more closely.

D... said...

Oh gosh. I'm so glad you are ok! I wish I could be surprised by the lady's reaction. How does being in a "blind spot" make it less her fault? Sorry, that just doesn't fly but it probably makes her feel better. Sigh.

Unknown said...

That was funny as hell! Not that she almost hit you, of course, but your kind act of charity by not beating the hell out of her. Love it!

Winks & Smiles,

Giggles said...

That was pretty scary....thank goodness she didn't hit you! I know I would have been in shock with my heart beating out of my chest! Glad you're okay!

Hugs Giggles

Janet said...

I drive a Jeep. There's no blind spot at the FRONT OF THE CAR. Stupid woman.
I always assume that anyone driving a car is completely stupid when I'm walking. This applies especially in parking lots. I swear I think you can get driver's licenses by mail order these days.


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