Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grace in Small Things #13

1. Comcast On-demand.

2. Winning Monkey Giggles' contest.

3. Last night's big ole moon.

4. Coffee ready nearly every morning thanks to my automatic coffee maker (Pete).

5. A new pillow.


cjm said...

Ah, my new pillow is inducing fantastic sleep. Yea for that!

Momisodes said... and a new pillow. Just thinking about them makes me feel all warm and cozy :)

chichimama said...

A new pillow...ahhh. I am so very jealous...

D... said...

I need a new pillow.

I also need a new automatic coffee maker. Big D is falling down on the job!

Janet said...

I need a new pillow. But I'm not getting one until small people stop peeing in my bed.


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