Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haiku: Circles

It's not enough that I note the rapid passing of time by the never-ending growth of my children or the addition of gray hair upon gray hair. No, I also get to be shocked at time's passage upon discovering that the good folks at One Single Impression have been at it one year already. Already! Thank you to Andree and Sandy for providing the poets and us wannabees the chance to wax poetic each and every week.

Too many circles came to mind for me this week: crop circles, that ole standby circle of life, the dog chasing her tail, seagulls above the playground at lunch, folks surrounding a gravesite, and the dark ones under my eyes. So don't ask for the absolute genesis of these. They just sort of rolled out of me.

by design or happenstance.
Chasing tail around.

Gulls high above pass
soul as mourners stare at ground.
Left to drift bereft.


anthonynorth said...

Both different but enjoyable.

Jim said...

Hi Patois, I've been chasing my tail all around too! (I might should consolidate my blogs into one.)
I hope things will get squared away for you, it sounds like there was a death of someone near to you. I am sorry.
Anyway, this is a great spur of the moment, for sure don't miss OSI, 'outrolling.'
BTW, I haven't been OSI'ing for the whole year. But isn't it a nice find!

Anonymous said...

To ascend with the gulls, a lovely idea!

D... said...

I can personally relate to the 1st one!

SandyCarlson said...

I've been chasing my tail for years.

Your second poem reminds me of the way I mourn. I always go to the sea.

Thanks for taking the ride with OSI.

gudnuff said...

Okay, okay. You've convinced me. I WILL check out One Single Impression. I'm just scared it'll depress me by how good it is!

Momisodes said...

You are definitely not a wannabe.
These were wonderful, with so much imagery in so few words :)

Giggles said...

Really wonderful!

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Time does pass fast, especially when you get old. Why do dog chase their tails? I enjoyed these.

kate said...

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Anonymous said...

Dogs do so love circles. My Aussie has no tail but spins in a tight circle when she plays.


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