Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haiku: Fork in the Road

Geraldine at My Poetic Path suggested the One Single Impression prompt this week. You must see her haiga. Do check out hers as well as the other poets' offerings.

As for me, I suppose I'm either far too dramatic or far too boring. I can't really decide which. I know the big, obvious forks I've encountered -- Should I go to college in Jersey or Virginia? Should I return to Virginia after college or head to San Diego? Which job should I take? -- are ones any would see as essentially being displayed in Vegas-sized neon.

But there are so many other decisions I make -- that we all make -- which are so minor but seemingly have as great or greater impact as the big ones. Which of the three buses heading to California should I board when I have to transfer in Chicago? [That decision ultimately meant I hooked up with a fellow traveler and followed him around the country for a few years.] Whom should we hire for the position of controller? [That one got me a mate.]

Kind of makes the whole should-we-have-chicken-or-beef-for-dinner discussion more meaningful, eh?

Only in hindsight
do we recognize the truth.
We're always choosing.


Anonymous said...

Very nice verse, and so true! Reminds me of what a friend of mine used to say - If you think don't know what it is you believe, look at what surrounds you.

Anonymous said...

Life is like dueling sometimes or contesting. When you go into it you find out?
I'm glad you reminded me to check out Geraldines post..I've noticed many of her comments so far. (Just saw it)..it is good-

Jim said...

oh yes then we know
before then take the left door
no may then be yes

what my sister said
have two choices don't know what
then what take the left

(Meaning that you have a fine haiku here.) Thank you.

That is what my sister says. Most people will take the right if they can't decide so the left will be less crowded, perhaps easier and faster (especially queue--waiting line).

Tumblewords: said...

Step by step, minute by minute, day by day - nifty haiku!

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Hindsight is a curse, more so than a blessing. It fill one with regrets on the choice not taken, especially when the one we choose didn't work out.

Yes, Jim is right .. this is very good.

SandyCarlson said...

Well done. For me, remembering that truth as I turn around again is the challenge.

Jeni said...

I always enjoy reading your Haiku entries and this one, I felt was really so very true. The old Monday Morning Quarterback syndrome but presented in a really thoughtful, pensive light. Great job. Wish I could do Haiku but my mind doesn't like to function that way for some reason or other. I'd rather read those by others and get more insight from them for myself.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this haiku of yours for 30 minutes trying to anwer in haiku, but it's not happening this morning. I love it...and the older one is, the more "truths" we can see that we chose!

Whenever I look back and wish I had taken a different path, I remember that if I had I would have missed out on all the good I have now.

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are right about hindsight. Did I ever miss a lot of chances. A good verse!

Beth P. said...

Dear Patois--
I don't know...I've always enjoyed hindsight. It sets me up for a little foresight sometimes--we do learn about things, like how to read the roadsigns that at one time we didn't even see...then saw but didn't know how to interpret, and then finally we see, interpret and can either laugh at or heed...

Loved this entry, as always. Thanks-

susan said...

I depend on hindsight. It's not that I don't consider before acting, it's simply been more times than not, I don't understand the truth of thing until I've been through a thing. Enjoyed.

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Janet said...

Quite profound.
Sad in a way. Sometimes it would have been nice to have more information about door #1. I have a Mary Englebreit poster with a fork in the path of the woods. The child is already on one of the forks, which reads, "Your life." The other reads, "No longer an option."

It never has done me any good at all in helping me make decisions. It's now in the laundry room.

Geraldine said...

A very thought-filled post. I hear ya Patois!!!

Hugs, G


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