Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #100

1. Do people really think the "funny" pictures and sayings making the email rounds are worth forwarding to other people?

2. Screw "to other people"...are worth forwarding to me?

3. No, they're not.

4. I would permit one exception to that blanket statement: if it comes from my sister, it is something I want to read.

5. Sister of said fame is visiting this weekend, causing disputes over who gets to have her stay in his/her room.

6. Eldest won that battle, pointing out that his bachelor pad has the largest bed and a couch for Eldest to claim as his sleeping place.

7. Of course, Aunt Ginny has to put up with near-constant Xbox 360 games and pleas of, "Want to watch me?"

8. No one follows her around, begging her to play, more than the dog, though. It's as if the mutt's long-lost mother has come home every time Aunt Ginny visits.

9. Now that I think about it, they all kind of act as if their real mother has come when she's around.

10. I do believe I'm being tossed over for the fun aunt. Ain't that always the way?


D... said...

It is always the way. Have a fun time with the sister!!

I agree about the fwd emails. I very rarely read them anymore or pass them along.

Beck said...

Have fun!
And forwarded emails - ugh.

Janet said...

I used to be the fun aunt. Actually I still am, but I'm more distracted now with my own 2 little ones. But all the cousins dote on them.

I mostly ignore those forwards except when i need to send someone to Snopes.


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