Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #101

1. It's Open House Wednesday at the kids' elementary school. That also happens to be the night Springsteen opens his tour in San Jose. Guess where I'll be?

2. Interestingly, most of the people who know I'm not going to Open House express shock. How can I miss Open House, they wonder?

3. One friend gave me the ammunition to explain -- if I don't feel like telling someone to just go to hell -- when she said Open Houses are for the parents who are never at the school.

4. Not only am I always at the school, I am now an official employee of the school district. Yup, for doing yard duty. I figure I'll just about offset the fees I paid for fingerprinting by the time the school year ends.

5. My only reasoning in becoming a paid employee is to stop being bumped from the shifts I want to do. Total "paid" hours per week? 1.75 hours. Total "unpaid" hours per week? That probably averages about 6 or 7.

6. A segue of sorts: Eldest, trying Flamin' Hot Cheetos, offers me one, saying, "You like hot things." Youngest pipes in, "Yeah, you love hot things, like Bruce Springsteen."

7. For the concert Wednesday, I'm hoping for a close spot again, although I would never dare to hope for the front row center I scored two concerts ago.

8. Which doesn't mean I'm not bringing a doctor's note and wearing a neck brace.

9. Unrelated: one benefit of the financial industry meltdown is the disappearance of dozens of credit card offers each week.

10. Which might be completely related to the Post Office's financial difficulties, eh?


Janet said...

Open house v. Bruce Springsteen. They have to ask? Oy.

Yard duty, huh? I'll be looking for part time work once the kids are in school. Sounds like something I could do. I'm pretty sure our schools don't do any fingerprinting, given the problems we have with some of the officials.

Kim/2 Kids said...

Open House, don't feel guilty. I'd skip it even if I didn't have an awesome concert to go to. I love #6, you hot thing. Have fun and push your way up to the front. You might be lucky enough to have his sweat sprayed on you. Have fun! Totally JEALOUS, I'm cleaning out my garage.

Tara R. said...

There was any question about which to attend? Seriously? Have a great time and throw some 'bows' if you need to get closer to the front.

D... said...

You know, you are right about the credit card offers. I hadn't paid attention until you mentioned it.

My grandfather has a reunion every single year with his submarine WWII unit. One year, it fell on the same day as one of my cousin's weddings. Guess which event he attended? Yes, some things are more important. And the cousin completely understood.

Caloden said...

There will always be other Open Houses. But a chance to go to a Springsteen concert doesn't come as often as the Open Houses.

Lori said...

So, youngest thinks Springsteen is Hot? The kid has very good taste. I am beside myself with excitement about Wednesday. We have good concert karma, I'm going to manifest (visualize/meditate/pray) that we at least get into the pit. And I am not too proud to bring out the crutches, just in case. 4 days and counting!!

Anonymous said...

Pete and I will be at the show in Greensboro, NC, closet stop to Florida this leg of the tour(hoping there will be a second leg after Europe). The siblings did pretty well last year in getting up front, let's hope our luck continues! Have a great time on Wednesday, I'll be thinking of you "working on a dream".

jenica said...

hot like bruce...

enjoy girlie!


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