Friday, April 3, 2009

Propaganda in the Schools

What's the latest outrage going on at my younger kids' elementary school? Is everyone up in arms over the four teachers at the school (and more than 40 district-wide) receiving pink slips due to the out-of-control budget crisis in Sacramento? Are they talking about how the district is losing $4 million next year, or the equivalent of 67 teachers' salaries? Barely a blip, frankly.

No, the latest outrage -- at least in the eyes of one mother -- is the suggestion by the Cool the Earth folks that kids forgo red meat in one meal each Monday. For that reason, she is marching down to the district offices, complaining of the "vegan agenda" being shoved down her chubby little boy's throat.

Here's what the hemp-wearing, stringy-haired vegan activists wrote in their blurb: Did you know? Raising cattle puts a heavy strain on our environment. Cows burp up a lot of greenhouse gases in the form of methane! Cutting out just one day of beef a week can have as much impact as switching to a hybrid car!

Outrageous! How dare they! What's next? Suggesting that we use reusable water bottles? Suggesting that we cut down on waste? Encourage kids to walk to and from school or to carpool? Where's a petition for me to sign to stop this madness?

Let me describe this same woman's reaction when told that her son was allergic to milk. "That doctor is just trying to further the vegan agenda. There's nothing wrong with Precious." [This reaction is according to her equally crazy 12-year-old daughter.]

Now, excuse me, I'm on my way to McDonald's to get a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.


movin down the road said...

Oh wow. (who ignores what a doctor tells them?)

Kelly O said...

Oh lordy. People are really insane on this issue. Just today, one of my friends got a "ha-ha" hostile response when he said on Facebook that he was going back on a vegan diet. He's seriously overweight and it's recommended by his doctor, but his friend's response was "Well, I don't bake anything vegan, and don't expect me to make a tofurky in November." Nice.

Ruth Dynamite said...

There's got to be a happy balance between the eco nazis and the oblivious, right?

I can only hope.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude. What a troll. I'm cutting out red meat for that reason and because cutting it cuts one's cancer possibilities.

People are just too damned sensitive.

D... said... She's a tool, but it really worries me that she thinks the dr. has a vegan agenda. Food allergies aren't to be messed with.


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