Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #103

1. A boy is on his ripstick at the gym where Youngest is playing a basketball game. I get up to tell him to knock it the hell off -- old fart that I am -- and the mother makes eye contact with me and says something along the lines of "Oh, I'll make him stop."

2. And then she doesn't.

3. Excuse me while I parent the world. [Old fart that I am.]

4. I was "workin' the yard" yesterday at recess and told a first grader to quit swinging on a chain hung between two equipment boxes. I was three feet away from him when he muttered "Big fat lady."

5. He denied saying it to me, telling me he was talking to himself. When I called the office over the walkie-talkie to tell the powers-that-be that the little pizzle-head would be coming down because he said "Big fat lady," they asked me if he'd said it to anyone in particular. I noted that he'd said it to the big fat lady on the walkie-talkie.

6. This child is the worst of the worst. I've written of him in the past. He's been a bane of the grade level since the first week of kindergarten. His parents are now going through an acrimonious divorce. I suspect it's been a miserable household to dwell in for years.

7. My sympathy for him diminishes, though, each time he punches another kid in the stomach, pushes someone down on the playground, or kicks another so hard the leg swells up.

8. In lighter news, can we just admit that not everyone can sing and no longer allow in everyone who wants to be in chorus?

9. Either that, or can we start doling out earplugs at elementary school concerts?

10. No need for them at Springsteen concerts. I'm happy to go deaf for him.


D... said...

Good for you parenting the world and for holding that boy accountable. We have a generation of kids who feel entitled because very few people (including their parents) call them on their disrespect & bad behavior. I see it more & more in our school.

I would be one of the ones you want to kick out of the chorus. Singer I am not. Hee!

Tara R. said...

I'm an old fart too. I have very little tolerance to brats and brat-mammas.

Maggie May said...

I feel so badly for those kids whose parents just don't do discipline, because they don't like themselves and neither does anyone else.


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