Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #104

1. Over the weekend, we went to Sonoma to walk around the town center and picnic in the square, mother and sister in tow. It was a gorgeous day, and even my mom managed to stop complaining about how cold it was compared to Florida. This morning, I took her to the airport to head home. It will top 80 today here.

2. In your face, Mom!

3. In Sonoma, we watched an arrest unfold, from beginning to end, as a homeless guy got into it with the police because he was pulling bottles from the recycling bin to, presumably, cash them in and feed any one of his horrible habits: buying food, finding shelter, etc.

4. Oh yeah, sometimes I have to turn in my liberal card -- like when it comes to illegal aliens sucking California's health and education system dry -- but sometimes I earn the right to my ACLU bumper sticker.

5. Or is it my Got Hope? sticker. I can never tell the two apart.

6. Back to the subsequent chase and arrest of the ornery homeless guy trying to make a living stealing from the coffers of the recycling bin. Pete visibly cringed as he saw me calculating how much money I could make if I started through the bin while the police were otherwise engaged.

7. I guess Sonoma town square is a particularly nice place to hang out because they actively prosecute the quality of life crimes.

8. Frankly, I was more annoyed that, when we walked into an upscale clothing shop, the clerk continued yakking on her cell phone rather than greet us.

9. She hung up only after I walked out saying, "I can't shop in a place where talking on a cell phone is more important than talking to a customer."

10. I was surprised the police weren't waiting outside to handcuff me.


CP said...

And THAT was the perfect thing to say as you walked out. I'm in awe of you for doing that!

Lori said...

Hopefully they got that on camera and she was fired.

Caloden said...

Those damn habits of eating and sleeping. Fabulous bumper stickers. More people should have them.


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