Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #105

1. Lots of randomness this week, with likely little attempt to segue from item to item. That's what a heat wave does to my brain.

2. Thank you, dear Eldest, for reinforcing my decision to move the kids' computer from the "office" to the "dining room," where my computer sits. Your moaning about not being able to view certain YouTube clips makes the move 100% worthwhile.

3. Even if it means I have to listen to the little ones listen to those infernal clips made by Fred.

4. Hello, Prius driver in front of me. Your coolness at driving a Prius is outweighed by your letting your rat dog sit on your lap as you drive.

5. Thank you, United States Postal Service, for providing those priority mail boxes for free. Perhaps you've noticed a marked uptick in the disappearance of the boxes without the corresponding increase in parcels being sent. Blame me. The boxes are an ideal size for sorting and storing items in my shed.

6. As to the rest of the United States, feel free to blame me for the corresponding increase in postal rates

7. What else should I have done before going in for surgery on my elbow? Shaved the armpits the day of surgery because God knows when I'll have the dexterity to do so again.

8. Planned around my, ahem, cycle. Try inserting with your non-dominant hand. Go on. Try. I'll wait here.

9. Pawned my dance company Daughter onto someone else so as not to travel 1.5 hours each way five days later. To an amusement park. With a husband away on an (unplanned) business trip.

10. Kept all the paperwork showing the damage first appeared while working at the Chronicle. Think they'll have kept the worker's comp stuff?


Tara R. said...

#7 & 8.... I like the way your mind works ~ brilliant!

Sian said...

Oh honestly!! Screaming laughing @ #8

Caloden said...

A seriously good laugh on a Sunday night! So sorry for the dexterity bit, but a funny image. And kudos for the computer move. I am on the verge of the same.

Happy next week to you!

Lori said...

So, I am not the only one who uses those boxes for something other than mailing packages...

D... said...

I'm glad you pawned your daughter. That would have been torture on your arm.

#5 gave me a GREAT idea and I'll try #8 next time. Hee!


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