Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Tuesday Can't be my Last Day

Besides the fact that only 1 in 250,000 die as a result of general anesthetic, here are a myriad of additional reasons why my last full day of life can't be today. [Surgery on my elbow is, of course, tomorrow.]

1. I spent entirely too much time on the middle school newsletter, preparing it so others won't have to spend any time later in the week getting it out.

2. I spent too much time editing a friend's personal statement for admission into law school.

3. I had to attend a yard supervisor meeting at school this morning and spend in excess of 30 minutes discussing the change to having kids play first and then eat lunch after.

4. I made Youngest cry as he was trying to sleep tonight because I answered honestly his question of whether astronauts had ever died in space.

5. I've yet to give Pete the passwords to the all-important bank account, email account and Blogger account.

On the other hand, if this were my last full day on earth, I:

1. Got a beautiful rose bush from Freecycle.

2. Spent time on Daughter's playground in the morning and at lunch.

3. Got to walk the mutton head with Youngest and do the recycling, making us $9.54 in the bargain.

4. Tutored in Eldest's study hall class.

5. Heard the excitement in Youngest's voice as he talked non-stop about the research book he is reading about the planets, including the origin of their names.

6. Saw the most gorgeous pink and red sky as night was approaching.

7. Kissed each of the kids goodnight and remind them that I love them and that they can always find me in their heads and in their hearts and, in Youngest's case, in the stars.

8. Lay down in the same bed as my husband and hear him fall to sleep.


Sian said...

Thinking of you today. I know all will be well :o)

Scribbit said...

Well add to that the things would be horrible--I sure hope the surgery goes well and that your recovery is quick.

"Sunshine" said...

Hope the surgery fixes the problem with as little pain/difficulty as possible.

gudnuff said...

Your concern is not without some merit, but ignoring such facts, all I can think is, "Where's MY general anasthetic?!!" And totally proud that you're doing something about the problem, instead of whining about it, like I have with my left knee for years.

Tara R. said...

By now I hope the surgery went off with out any glitches and you're well on your way to a full recovery.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awwww, the part about telling Youngest that astronauts have died almost made me cry. I know surgery will go well!

D... said...

And Tuesday was NOT your last day.

jenica said...

i'm glad to hear that it went well and you'll live on to see the fruits of your labors... but really, that second list is quite beautiful.



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