Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tactile: Haiku

Tactile Sensitivity

There's a girl I know who was extremely sensitive to textures and touch as a younger child. She wore only the softest of shirts, handed down from her older brother. All tags had to be cut out of anything she wore. Her preferred state of dress was one of undress. It wasn't only just clothes which could rub her the wrong way. Anything -- and anyone -- touching her could have an impact.

She is who I thought of when the One Single Impression prompt appeared.

Stroke her unprepared
and she folds into herself:
digesting fly trap

[Picture from MongaBay.com.]


Geraldine said...

What an interesting interpretation of this prompt. It's cool when something or someone just comes to us, in terms of prompts, isn't it?

Hugs, G

gudnuff said...

I had a childhood friend like that! Your post prompted me to remember her and her un-buttoned shirt-necks, which always stuck out in a funny way. Very cool. Thanks. (I think she's a doctor now, which seems odd, for some reason.)

Jim said...

Hi Patois, this is neat. Someone I know developed allergies when she got older. I don't know about the stroking part??

Tumblewords: said...

Wow - this is strong and so vividly worded - the photograph is almost menacing which is probably what she felt about 'stuff' that touched her. Nice work!

SandyCarlson said...

So sad and difficult! This becomes a form of self-destruction, I think.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome haiku, hon! Just amazing.

Beth P. said...

You are something...else!

Enjoyed your poem and explanation a lot.

Sensitivity to our environment is on a continuum. I read somewhere once upon a time that if we took in all the stimuli that surrounds us we would not be able to function--that our circuits would shut down and psychosis would set in. So...your friend's defenses did/do the same work as soap operas or shopping...or along the continuum drug addiction and pornography...help distract and filter. Just maybe more visible, less understandable? Have I built a limb and moved my house out on it?

Thanks--this was a lovely thoughtful thing to wake up to this am!

Beth P. said...

patois--you may enjoy a new poet's voice on OSI, Dances with Loons' take on this prompt


Quiet Paths said...

This perfectly describes someone I know as well. Great idea.

spacedlaw said...

Perfect image.


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