Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #106

1. At the beginning of the week, I heard a CBS Radio report that some Israeli official noted that since pigs are so offensive to Jew and Muslim alike the upcoming pandemic should go by the name "Mexican Flu."

2. Sure, I guess that wouldn't offend anyone.

3. I tweeted earlier this week a point I just must share with my wider audience of three: "When pigs fly." That's what I think whenever I hear about swine flu. It can't only be me, right? Right?

4. The school district sent home a missive on Monday, which my first grader only brought home Wednesday and which my fifth and sixth graders have yet to bring home. Here's hoping the older ones bring it home before their entire schools are sickened.

5. One of the things the missive notes -- in boldface no less -- is this: It cannot be transmitted by eating pork or pork products.

6. Thank God I can still eat my pork rinds. Oh, wait, is it Mexican rinds I can now eat?

7. Daughter has been hanging out in confined spaces with other children every night this past week as her theatre group prepares to put on another show. No sign of anyone with masks.

8. They sent home reminders to parents about drop-off and pick-up, costumes and the like. My favorite line was "Parents should take personal belongings and clothes home each night to clean and/or press as needed in preparation for the next performance."

9. What's the show? Annie. Yeah, let me iron an orphan's costume. That'll make it look more realistic.

10. When pigs fly. That's when I'll be ironing.


gudnuff said...

(8) At least they threw in the "as needed" part. That pretty much settles it.

How did daughter's talent show go?

Florinda said...

Re: #3 - Earlier today, my husband asked if "swine flu" was the past tense of "when pigs fly." He's punny like that. But no, it's not just you.

Tara R. said...

When pigs fly... hadn't thought of that one. That's funny.

Scribbit said...

OUCH! Obviously not too PC of a commentator is he??

D... said...

Number 10 is right on! :)


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