Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #107

1. Helping me write my descriptions for a snow globe to sell on eBay, Youngest pipes up with, "Ooooooh, that should sell for a lot. It's pure glass, with extremely good models and smooth wood."

2. I see a future hack, don't you?

3. We're kamping this weekend. You know "camping" the K-O-A way.

4. Do we know how to celebrate Mother's Day or what?

5. Actually, it's my idea, and it's a tradition. Why? Because every year KOA has a special where you pay for one night and get the second night free.

6. I'm making sure there's enough money left for a decent Mother's Day present.

7. That is such a joke, as I always demand they don't buy me anything. I have everything I need. Seriously.

8. The highlights of camping? Watching the kids try to ride the banana bikes. Or tie-dye a T-shirt. Or keep quiet in the pop-up camper.

9. To the latter point, I told Youngest to go outside and "Bug humanity." His reply? "I'm going to go out and bug womanity. That means I'm going to bug a woman. You!"

10. He's lucky it's Mother's Day weekend and I'm in a magnanimous mood.

1 comment:

D... said...

That youngest is too clever for his own good!

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!! You certainly deserved it. :)


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