Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #108

1. It is impressive, Amazon, that you send me recommendations of sequels years after I've ordered a book. Truly, I like that. But do you think it might be time to build in some kind of statute of limitations on how many years pass between a person buying a Max and Ruby book and you continuing to recommend new ones?

2. Seriously, the kid is 13 now.

3. Okay, he's really 7, but, still, Max and Ruby is really such a pre-school book.

4. How paranoid am I? I'm trying to leave a comment on someone's blog and the word verifications are impossible to enter correctly, and the difficulty in doing so keeps increasing with each failure. The last one I got -- the one where I just decided the blog owner had me down on a special list of word verification recipients -- +t%$fx*.

5. At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last Saturday, I found myself pleasantly surprised by quite a few employees. "Surprised" because they were unexpectedly nice.

6. There was the man working the log ride who offered to take a picture of me and Eldest as we were about to get drenched.

7. There was the man at Hot Dawgs who, while still looking askance at my request for the price of just a hot dog roll with ketchup for Youngest's "lunch," gave me the bun free!

8. And then there was the guy at the funnel cake stand who jokingly suggested -- and then followed through with -- putting whipped cream into Eldest's hand since I said the rest of us were funnel cake purists and only wanted sugar on our offering.

9. I thought about sending a note to the Boardwalk management telling them about these fine encounters we had, but then I figured they'd probably fire each and every one of them.

10. I mean, the typical employees there are surly, sad and bored. I believe it's a job requirement to not please the customer.


Tara R. said...

Sadly you were probably right about the 'nice' employees, they most like violated some policy about interacting with customers or giving away food, something. Sad.

Petunia said...

Word verification is totally unnecessary and drives me bonkers! :)

D... said...

You did have some great customer service! I enjoyed the pic of the two of you. :)

Amazon drives me crazy with that. And with the "items on your wish list" updates. What wish list? Sigh.


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