Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #110

1. Our ex-Kiwi friends gave us calendars the girls made in school. Getting ready to rip away the May page, I realize that it only shows 30 days in May.

2. I'm sure they know May has 31 days.

3. Right?

4. Have I talked about my bag lady activity of collecting bottles and cans for recycling? Youngest and I do it every time we take the dog. He's got a whole system of gestures and stances to indicate if there is anything worth digging out of a given trash can.

5. Yeah, I dig through the trash cans with him. We're a sight to see, the two of us in Saks clothing picking through the garbage at the high school.

6. Okay. We're in Target and Old Navy clothing, but still.

7. The past three weeks we've found our biggest hauls ever: the athletic booster director's notebook, with checks worth thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars; a star baseball player's backpack (including his AP Biology test with a flaming score of 45); and two crumpled up five dollar bills on the dugout floor.

8. We tracked down the owners of the notebook and backpack. The hot-shot director didn't even come get his valuable notebook himself. He waited in the car while he sent his wife to the door to get the notebook. She barely said thanks.

9. The baseball player's mom brought me flowers and brought the mutt some bones as thanks for tracking her down to tell her we'd found her son's backpack. (He was still asleep when we called at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Teens!)

10. Really wish I'd known how to launder those checks. Ingrate. [Don't worry, I still modeled good behavior in front of Youngest, singing our praises for doing the right thing and returning lost items.]


Tara R. said...

You're still ahead $10 bucks.

D... said...

Oh dear. Does this mean my daughter has an imaginary birthday? Today, the 31st, is her 15th.

And you netted $10 for your good deeds!

Tyne said...

What a sweep!

Janet said...

Wow. Maybe you should have turned that notebook over to that booster guy's boss. Or the principal. Or the police. Or the newspaper. What a jerk.
You do good things.


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